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ATK M06 Mounting Jig

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Incredible Quality

The design makes highly accurate mounts incredibly easy. It will be a quality tool in your shop or shed.

This is the new ATK Automatic drilling jig. It works with all recent Hagan alpine ski touring bindings, including:

It also works with all ATK bindings since 2016 including RCA, Revolution, SL World Cup, SLR Lightweight, SLR Release, Raider 12, Freeraider 14, Trofeo, R12 and FR14.

This is a self-centering "automatic" jig. The quality and ease of use of the mounting jig are exceptional. 

Fits skis up to 140mm wide in the binding area.

Retailer comments:

I just opened the box, and the jig arrived in perfect shape. That is one formidable piece of kit! Easily the nicest jig in our shop – now I hope we get to see more Hagan gear! I look forward to trying the jig. Thanks for getting it to us, and let people know that REI Albuquerque can handle their Hagan mounts.
- Nathaniel


The M06 is provided for Hagan retailers and purchasers of Hagan bindings from www.HaganSkiMountaineering.com. They will receive priority order fulfillment. The M06 Drilling Jig is sold near cost so discount codes cannot be used.

Retailers – order just five bindings or five skis to become a Hagan retailer and receive priority fulfillment. The wholesale and suggested retail prices of Hagan bindings are lower than the equivalent ATK binding.

  1. The ATK Raider 12 is the same as the Hagan Core 12 Pro.
  2. The ATK Front 12 is the same as the Hagan Boost 12.
  3. The ATK Crest 10 is the same as the Hagan Pure 10.
  4. The ATK Crest 8 is the same as the Hagan Pure 8.
  5. The ATK Rent Me 10 is the same as the Hagan Core 10 Rental.
  6. The ATK SL World Cup is the same as the Hagan Ultra World Cup

Hagan USA was the first to bring branded ATK bindings to the U.S. Now you can get them from a large distributor, but you can get the same bindings at a lower cost, with less bureaucracy and better service, plus all the accessories, from a small family-run business.