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Core 12 EVO

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Want more information to determine the binding thats best for your needs? Checkout this blog posthere to learn all about Hagan bindings.

The Core 12 EVO is made for HAGAN in partnership with ATK in Italy. HAGAN partnered with ATK, well respected for quality, craftsmanship and functionality, to bring what we feel are their best products to North America. The Core 12 EVO is identical to the ATK Raider 12 EVO.  Available ATK AL13 Freeride spacers /stomp plates spacers increase precision and power transmission to Alpine race binding levels.

The automatic brake system in the new Core 12 EVO is an amazing innovation:

1. Push pin system brakes – still available with the lower cost Pure 8 and Pure 10 – are effective but the automatic brakes on the Core 12 EVO are much easier to use.

2. You can't forget to release the brakes on the descent. Switching into ski mode automatically releases the brakes. On the previous version, you had to separately release the brakes. It was easy to forget. With the Core 12 EVO, the brakes will always deploy, no matter how distracted or forgetful you are.

3. These two benefits are achieved without impacting one of the central features that makes our bindings so much better than others: Unlike other tech bindings, the brakes are ingeniously held in retracted position by a separate mechanism, not by the heel tower itself. So the heel tower is light, not having to be bulked up to hold down the brakes.

Precise, Light, Fully Featured

Everything you want and need in a free touring binding: easy step in, cleanly integrated brakes and crampon slots, release value range up to 12, superb downhill performance, 3 climbing positions, independent vertical and horizontal release. All at an impressive 0.690 Kg per pair!

Exceptional performance, robust construction and a full set of features – at remarkably low weight. That is the Hagan Core 12 EVO.

  • Wide toe and heel mounts precisely transfer power. The patented E.R.S. ® (Elastic Response System) system absorbs energy resulting in consistent release values while allowing the ski to flex naturally under compression for improved downhill performance. The heel pivots rotationally to provide consistent release and retention. 

    The unique - and patented - CAM heel system adjusts to impact forces, providing far better control and skiing precision than simple U Forks. The system ensures accurate, adjustable control of the release tension while maintaining very easy step in and solid power transfer. The design uses a CAM profile pressed against the heel pins by a pre-tensioned spring. When a fall requires vertical release, the CAM profile provides precise resistance to the pins.  

    Magneto® heel climbing aids are easily flippable for two climbing positions plus flat mode. Twist the heel easily in either direction - because the heel tower doesn't have the double duty of holding down the brakes. 

    Adjustable toe clamping force creates more secure uphill retention than other tech bindings, especially as boot tech inserts wear. Toe step-in is easy. Integrated crampon hooks allow stress-free ascents up bulletproof snow or in no-fall zones

    EVO benefits:

    • Easy one-handed operation. On other bindings you need to hold down the brakes with one hand while pushing a pin or turning the heel tower with the other.
    • Brake retraction for climbing is automatic when you step down. There is no need to push down the brakes with your hand.
    • Dual lifters means no twisting to switch between flat, medium and high climbing heights
    • You can't forget to release the brakes for the descent!

    Constructed predominantly from alloy, the Core 12 Evo Freeride binding is solid and robust at a feather-light 345 grams – better performance at a fraction of the weight of other bindings. Go ahead, check the reviews tab.

  • 2021 Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choice
    Core 12 Pro improvements on the Five Star-rated Core 12:
    1. The toe has a much wider mounting base, uphill retention adjustment, toe guides and "snow block" design to prevent snow infiltration and icing.
    2. The rear mounted brake is robust, easy to operate and lighter.
    3. Optional Freeride Spacers make the Core 12 Pro identical to the ATK FR14, other than the 5-12 release range.

    Reviews of the previous Core 12, before the Pro improvements!
    Backcountry Magazine:
    • "In spite of its infinitesimal weight, the Core 12 packs a bevy of punches that put other diminutive tech bindings on the ropes."
    • "This is a full-function, lightweight and solid binding," said our tech editor.
    • "Felt as powerful and stable as any tech offerings on the market, only being outperformed downhill by the Shift," another opined. My note: the Shift, without crampon mounts, weights 2.9 TIMES as much as the Core 12 Pro.
    Blister Gear Reviews:
    • I felt more confident skiing hard downhill on it than on any other binding in this test.
    • The only binding in this test with independently adjustable vertical and lateral release values in the heel.
    • The heel risers of this binding are easily the best in the group. Its overall performance makes it my favorite binding of the group.
    Read more here.

  • Hagan Core 12 Pro and ATK R12 and FR14 Alpine Touring Bindings CAM Elastic Response System ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM: an elastic sliding system in the heel allows unrestrained flex of the ski during compression and excellent skiing performance.

    Hagan Core 12 Pro and ATK R12 and FR14 Alpine Touring Bindings CAM Release System CAM RELEASE SYSTEM®: stabilizes the heel pins and provides the typical torsional stiffness of ATK® bindings.

    INDEPENDENT RELEASE VALUES: fully adjustable VERTICAL (My) and LATERAL (Mz) release systems (5-12).

    Hagan Core 12 Pro and ATK R12 and FR14 Alpine Touring Bindings Magnetic Heel Flaps Riser system HEEL FLAP WITH RISER: the updated Magneto Heel Flaps® provide 3 different climbing heights. Switching between two is easily done with your ski pole.

    Hagan Core 12 Pro and ATK R12 and FR14 Alpine Touring Bindings Easy Entry System Easy Entry System®: new geometry of the toe makes step-in easy and confident with any tech boot available on the market, even in case of worn out soles.

    25mm ADJUSTMENT PLATE: integrated in the heel enables fast adjustment for boot substitution (up to 3 full sizes).

    Hagan Core 12 Pro and ATK R12 and FR14 Alpine Touring Bindings Snow Pack Proof Snow Block System SNOW BLOCK TOE®: prevents snow/ice infiltration and also limits snow build up on the toe piece.

    Hagan Core 12 Pro and ATK R12 and FR14 Alpine Touring Bindings Uphill Hardness Variator Uphill Retention Adjustment System U.H.V.® System (Up-hill Hardness Variator): Uphill retention adjustment system built into the toe. It compensates for boot insert wear and tear, provides a proper locking strength for each user and reduces the pressures on the locking mechanism.

    CRAMPON SLOTS: built in.

    SKI-BRAKE: The new rear ski brake is light, easy to use and strong. The unique system switches to downhill mode simply by pressing a button. No twisting of the heal piece. Brake retention independent of the heel tower allows the heel tower to focus, without interference from the brakes, on retention and release - and be much lighter. 86, 91, 97, 102, 108 and 120 mm sizes provide the perfect fit with any ski mode. See the How to Videos for brake operation.

    SKI-BRAKE ELASTIC SLIDE: integrated in the ski-brake pad for minimal lateral release impact.

    Optional ATK AL13 freeride spacers / stomp pads increase precision and power transmission to an Alpine racing binding level.

    Pin Up 10 EVO and Core 12 EVO Differences

    TOE PIECES: The Core 12 EVO toe piece has a wider mounting plate, snow-block anti-icing system and uphill retention adjustment.
    LENGTH ADJUSTMENT: 20mm for the Pin Up 10 EVO, 25mm for the Core 12 EVO.
    RELEASE RANGE: Pin up 10 EVO is DIN 5-10, Core 12 EVO is DIN 5-12.
  • These accessories extend and enhance the performance of the Core 12 Evo:

    • 86mm, 91mm, 97mm, 102mm, 108mm and 120mm Crampons

    • 86mm, 91mm, 97mm, 102mm, 108mm and 120mm Ski Brakes

    • Two ATK toe shims reduce the ramp angle - the ATK AL12 toe shim and ATK R16A Raider Toe Plate

    AL 13 Freeride Spacer  

    ATK AL13 Freeride Spacer

    Trying to decide between the various Hagan bindings? This comparison and contrast will help! 

  • Instructional Videos



    HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR CORE 12 EVO BINDINGS: The new Hagan Core 12 EVO bindings are the result of careful design studies and the application of the most innovative mechanical processing techniques. They meet the fundamental requirements of demanding ski tourers common to all Hagan products: lightness, performance and reliability. Thorough knowledge of the binding is necessary to make the most of the Core 12 EVO's functionality. In this video, ATK's Davide Indulti provides all the secrets of the Core 12 Pro/ATK R12/FR14, including useful suggestions for optimal use of your bindings. (Davide is Italian and our bindings are Italian-made. If your Italian isn't molto buono, use closed captioning.)



    How to adjust the heel length and retention values:

    (Notes: 1. This video is of the prior Core 12/Raider 12 model, but the steps are the same. 2. The labeling of the heel adjustment steps is in the wrong order.)



    How to use the magneto heel flaps:



    Heel Cam Release System and Easy Step In:



    Toe Easy Step In:



    Risers flipping forward when you don't want them to? There is a dead simple, "Why didn't I think of that!" solution. Stop it in one second:


    Brake operation:


    Simple - just turn the binding heel tower to climb position (pins facing backwards), step into the toe and start climbing. Your boot heel will depress the brakes into retracted position automatically! If you will be using one of the elevated heel positions, you can depress the brake before, or simply flip the heel levers after taking a step.


    At the top just turn the heel tower pins forward. This will release the brakes. This design enables releasing the brake at the top (climb to descend transition) just by turning the heel. It requires some flexibility, but you can release the brakes without taking off your skis!


    Combined with our climbing skin's tip bungee attachment system, you can quickly remove skins, release brakes and descend without getting out of the skis. It takes maybe half a second longer at the bottom, but can save minutes up top – where it is often windier and colder – and minimizes the chance of a lost ski.