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Core Pro Carbon

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An unrivaled combination of hold, performance, ease of operation, durability and reliability.

  • The Hagan CORE Pro alpine ski touring boot with thermo-formable liner is designed for the advanced long-distance ski tourer. We made several improvements on our previous models for improved fit, range of motion and stiffness.

    A new liner is lighter and more comfortable out of the box. Many users find they don't need to heat mold the liner. A new carbon-reinforced cuff increases stiffness without adding any weight.

    The Core Pro provides an ideal combination of durability, power, weight and mobility.  Just 1,180 grams in size 26.5. The simple, easy to operate and  robust ski/walk mechanism will have you thankful that you don’t have one of those complicated, cumbersome and fragile systems. Transitioning from climbing to descending takes less than 10 seconds - a mere flip of the power strap lever and ski-walk mechanism - all easily done through the cuff of your ski pants. No need to disrobe! A full 65 degrees of fore/aft motion. Big ascents, check. Burly descents, check.

    Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choice!
    Outside Online Best Alpine Touring Boot
    "Best for Speed Tours on a Budget"
    "frictionless in tour mode"
    "category-leading 18 degrees of forward lean"
    "among the most capable downhill performers in its weight class"

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  • DEEP CUT TOP  Deep cut outs on the inside and outside at the top of the shell greatly reduce constriction in the calf area. The recesses are located at the widest point of the lower leg, eliminating discomfort in this area while maintaining full forward and backward power.
    EASY SLIDE LOCK MECHANISM The ski-walk mechanism is remarkably simple, durable, intuitive and easy to use. The system ensures exceptionally strong lock down for precise lateral and fore-aft control.
    HEEL HIGH CUT The high cut out at the heel area of the upper shell (under the Ski-Walk mechanism) enables even higher cuff rotation than our previous model. This innovation achieves maximum freedom of movement (65% range of motion!) even with long strides.
    ANATOMIC ZONE The new lower shell has special zones in the forefoot area which can be heated and reshaped with hot air, allowing your ski shop to create the perfect fit. In particular, the area around the ball of the foot can be reshaped eliminate pressure points and blister-prone areas.
    POWER STRAP The extra-wide Power Strap distributes the force on the cuff over a very large area. Switching from ascent to downhill is done by simply closing the buckle. Due to the scale on the power strap, the preferred position can be found quickly and easily. This enables a stable and comfortable preset requiring no adjustment between ascent and descent. The use of just one buckle not only saves a considerable amount of weight but also reduces handling to a minimum for quick and easy switching to downhill mode, leaving more time to enjoy summit panoramas.
    3 POINT CABLE LOCK SYSTEM Forefoot control is provided by a very simple and effective single buckle system. One cable is fixed at three points – from the big toe over the lower buckle to the inside of the ankle. This distributes pressure on the forefoot evenly and comfortably.
    NEO FLEX TONGUE The two-piece tongue creates smoothy progressive flex. The softer upper tongue flexes freely in ascent for natural freedom of movement. When the upper cuff is tightened for descents, force is transmitted through the softer upper tongue to the stiffer lower tongue. The result is smoothy stiffening flex, ensuring perfect control on descents.
    STANDARD HEEL LUGS Hagan ski boots are compatible with the latest binding developments. The heel is 100% compatible with the Marker Kingpin binding. We use original Dynafit inserts.
    M-GRIP SOLE Safety is the first priority when it comes to grip on a variety of surface conditions. The M-profile lugs are arranged to provide outstanding traction in all directions. The rubber compound provides exceptional traction on hard surfaces while maintaining strong resistance to wear.
    THERMO-FORMABLE LINER  The Core Pro liner is 100% thermoformable for a completely customized, full-contact fit. The closed-cell EVA foam is light while providing superior warmth and comfort.


  • Shell Material Grilamid
    Tongue Material Pebax
    Flex 90-100
    Cuff Range of Motion 60°
    Weight 1,085 for Mondo size 24.5
    Sizes Mondo 23.0 - 27.5
    Binding Compatibility Tech + Marker King Pin
    Climbing Crampons Recommendation Classic and New Classic climbing crampon closure systems. Especially suitable are the Grivel “Skitour” and “Skirace” crampons as well as the CAMP “Race 290.”
    Usage All mountain
  • Size Chart

    Size (MP) Size (USA M) Size (UK M) Size (EUR) Boot Sole Length (MM) Boot Width (MM) Interior Length of Shell (MM) Interior Height of the Boot (MM)
    23.0/23.5 5.5/6 4.5.0/5 37.5/38 259 94 235 242.9
    24.0/24.5 6.5/7 5.5.0/6 39/39.5 269 96 245 242.9
    25.0/25.5 7.5/8 6.5.0/7 40/41 279 98 255 245.7
    26.0/26.5 8.5/9 7.5/8 41.5/42 289 100 265 248.4
    27.0/27.5 9.5/10 8.5/9 42.5/43 299 102 275 262.2
    28.0/28.5 10.5/11 9.5/10 44/44.5 309 104.2 285 265
    29.0/29.5 11.5/12 10.5/11 45/46 319 106.4 295 279.7
    30.0/30.5 12.5/13 11.5/12 46.5/47 329 108.6 305 284.2
  •   Core Pro Pure
    Range of Motion 65º 60º
    Forward Lean Angle 18º 16º
    Liner 100% heat moldable

    Ankle/foot heat moldable

    Cuff/shin instant fit
    Liner Weight ~50 grams lighter