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Environmental Sustainability

Climate change is progressing and is having a drastic impact on the World.

HAGAN takes this topic very seriously, not only because of the consequences for winter sports, but for all.  At HAGAN, we live for the mountains and winter so the preservation of our environment affects every decision we make.

POW - Protect our winters

"Let's protect what we love." We at HAGAN are convinced that together we can climb any peak. When it comes to climate protection and sustainability, we can achieve more together.  HAGAN has entered into a partnership with Protect Our Winters Austria. In addition to a monetary contribution, as a communication partner of POW Austria, we want to partner together to educate and motivate people to use the mountains responsibly within the HAGAN community.


Production, transportation and logistics generate high CO2 emissions.  The factories where our skis are made have been converted from oil heating to bio-wood chip heating. This saves 1 million liters of light oil every year. In addition, this type of heating contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

The ski presses are supplied with heat via a closed thermal oil circuit. This thermal oil is heated by the biomass thermal power station. A closed cooling water circuit is used to cool the ski presses after the pressing process. As a by-product of press cooling, the water is heated, which in turn is collected in a boiler and used to heat around 50 buildings. HAGAN produces a large part of the products directly in Austria, not only parts of our Skis but also skins and poles are Made in Austrian production facilities. Our ski touring boots are made in Italy.

We manufacture our HAGAN pin bindings in cooperation with ATK®, the world's leading manufacturer of milled aluminum ski touring bindings in lightweight construction. By focusing on research and development, ATK® achieves ever higher quality and performance standards. All ATK® products are characterized by unparalleled precision, lightness and stability - for the best user experience. ATK® also scores in terms of sustainability: 95% of the raw material suppliers are located within a 50 km radius of the factory and thanks to the CNC manufacturing technology there is almost no waste. We are proud to be ATK's valued partners.

With the newest 23_24 expansion of our portfolio HAGAN is now also able to provide a 100% organic ski touring ski and skin wax. The exclusive partnership with our Spanish supplier Nzero is another step forward towards a sustainable future.  The HAGAN wax is 100% paraffin free and complies with all performance standards.


We aim to build products that last.  As ski equipment gets lighter, we continue to push for durability standards that will allow our customers to get optimal performance for many years.

We prioritize the development and production of sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. This involves considering the entire lifecycle of our products, from sourcing materials to end-of-life disposal. We will strive to use recycled and recyclable materials and implement design practices that extend product lifespans.

We are committed to sourcing materials and components from suppliers who share our sustainability values. We will prioritize suppliers that adhere to ethical and environmentally responsible practices, including those who promote fair labor conditions, use sustainable materials, and minimize their own environmental impacts.

We will provide accurate and transparent information about the environmental impact of our products, including their materials, manufacturing processes, and any certifications or standards they adhere to. We are committed to educate our customers on how to properly use and maintain our products to extend their lifespan as our skis are designed to be used for many years.  Hagan was the first ski company to warranty products for 5 years rather than 2. This is an additional level of commitment to the quality, durability and the longevity of everything we make.