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About Hagan — Pure Ski Mountaineering

Pure Ski Mountaineering since 1924

Hagan makes ski mountaineering gear — exclusively. An Austrian family-owned business, we focus without distraction on alpine ski touring. We don’t make clothing, hiking boots, downhill skis or running shoes. Our focus is entirely on backcountry ski touring/ski mountaineering — especially light and fast backcountry skiing.

We have been making skis and ski touring in the Austrian Alps for since 1924  — perfecting our craft and earning a just reputation for quality, value and performance. We have an entire ski range that is lighter than many sidecountry brands lightest skis. Hagan skis are intended for the alpine lifestyle — long and adventurous ski touring. We build our products for ski mountaineers who regularly leave the sidecountry far behind.

Our Mission

Hagan prides itself on providing an unbeatable combination of performance, quality and value. We are ever refining our designs, materials and manufacturing processes to keep our prices down while continually elevating our quality. Hagan's high performance alpine touring skis and bindings are made with the industry's highest quality, most advanced materials and strictest construction standards — at very reasonable prices.

Hagan keeps prices down by focusing intently on performance and value — and then letting the skis speak for themselves. We do little marketing. Word of mouth is our most effective advertising. Providing backcountry skiing's best value and combination of weight, durability and performance makes our fans eager to spread the word.

Our Commitment To You

Our aim is the perfect trilogy of performance, durability and weight. In Europe our reputation has been earned and guarded through 93 years of innovation and insistence on the absolutely highest quality standards. Hagan is well-known and well-respected in Austria and the rest of Europe because of this heritage. We are new to North America and our heritage, and reputation for quality, are simply not as well known here. In a marketing-dominated environment, it is difficult to get recognition.

We don’t do much marketing and admittedly are not great at it. It simply isn’t our focus. Hence, we may never be the hippest brand. If aggressive marketing and coolness are important to you, well, you should probably look elsewhere. We would rather focus on high quality, well designed, reliable backcountry ski products. If you place a higher priority on the quality and performance of the product than the quantity and quality of the marketing, perhaps we are the brand for you.

To the big companies, ski mountaineering is a curious, insignificant aside. They make a few products and stick them at the back of their catalogs. Some companies even list their skis after clothing and shoes! You won’t find that at Hagan. We aren’t jumping on the ski touring bandwagon now that it is cool. We built that wagon. Our heritage is deeply imbedded from over 94 years of the alpine lifestyle ski touring in Austria. Ski Mountaineering isn’t insignificant to Hagan. It is all we do — our life blood. Hagan has the world’s widest selection of alpine ski touring gear. We are Pure Ski Mountaineering.

Hagan Ski USA is proud to bring Hagan ski mountaineering products to the United States. For information and product availability, please contact Hagan Ski USA at or 719-360-1693. The main Hagan Austria website is

Michael and Eva, Owners of Hagan Ski USA

Skiing Glacier Peak in Washington Cascades with Brian Edmiston


HAGAN Boot and Ski Tech Features

HAGAN SKI TECHNICAL FEATURESHagan Backcountry Ski Technical Features


<p><span>Hagan stands for designing and building innovative, premium, high quality and reliable products that reflect our deep passion for the sport of backcountry skiing. As an independent, family-owned company that has been under family ownership since it was founded in 1924, Hagen takes pride in being a reliable partner for our customers.</span></p> <p> </p> <p><span>Our goals are to produce stylish, high-performance specialty ski mountaineering gear that emphasizes reliability, durability and lightweight performance. We develop gear that reflects our consumer’s demand for innovation and ultimate performance along with our family businesses’ love of the Alps and people who share our passion. Hagan’s proprietary technologies are ever-evolving while new technologies are being added alongside them to extract the highest performance from our gear. We believe ski touring is an incredibly healthy and rewarding activity and we want to encourage and enable more people to enjoy it.</span></p>

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