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All skins for our 2020 skis are completely new – 100% mohair with amazing hybrid glue technology that tremendously eases handling. No struggling to separate, no plastic storage sheets, no re-glueing. Tremendous adhesion proven in North American low temps and humidity. Bungee tips for all but the Boost series skis. The new skins may be my favorite 2020 season product improvement of all!

Hagan touring skins exactly match each ski sidecut (minus the steel edge). They are custom tailored and tuned with advanced attachment systems expressly designed for each ski model. In other words, our skins use the finest materials and are custom-tailored to fit exactly and perform superbly. 

Off the rack or hand cut skins might save a few bucks, but just like fine suits, the tailoring makes the difference. Like our skis, our climbing skins are designed to be light, durable and reliable. Using off the rack or hand-trimmed skins is like shodding a sports car with “Tires R Us” tires. Stay far away from the cheap Chinese-made 100% poly skins the bulk brands sell. You spend a lot more time going up than going down. Skimp now and regret it later.