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Core 12 Pro Freeride Spacer

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Coming Fall 2020

Pre-order and save $12 with the discount code SpacerPreOrder. Pre-orders will be the first shipped when the Freeride spacers arrive this fall. (If also ordering the Core 12 Pro binding, simply make two separate orders. Only one discount code is allowed per order.)

The Core 12 Pro Freeride Spacer optimizes transmission of forces between boot and ski to improve downhill performance.

Toe pieces on tech bindings provide more stiffness and precision than alpine binding toe pieces. The same isn't true for heel pieces: on tech bindings, the boot sole cannot be in touch with the ski because boots have different sole thicknesses. Until now! With the FREERIDE SPACER we eliminate the performance gap between tech and alpine bindings – providing astonishing downhill performance.

The Core 12 Pro Freeride Spacer is for those who want the most from their equipment in all skiing conditions. Force transmission sensitivity and accuracy at the boot/ski interface reach never before experienced levels in a tech binding. The torsional and vertical movements (“slop”) common to lesser tech bindings, which our ROTATIONAL CAM SYSTEM® heel already makes so minute as to be almost imperceptible, are now entirely eliminated — in particular during larger impact loads.

The spacer eliminates the gap between the sole of the boot and the top-sheet of the ski/binding – reducing stress on the boot/binding interface by directly transferring force to the ski instead of the binding pins.

Two elastic slide anti-friction pads grant proper side release when the spacer is loaded during jumps or compressions. Customize the spacer height with the provided washers to perfectly fit any boot sole. When properly calibrated, lateral release is not altered in any way.

The Freeride Spacer can be installed with HAGAN Core 12 Pro bindings as well as ATK R12 and FR14 bindings. To add the Freeride Spacer to already installed bindings, remove the binding, install the spacer and reinstall the binding with fresh glue and the same screws. No new screw holes! 

Add the Freeride Spacer to the HAGAN Core 12 Pro and it is identical to the ATK FR14 binding other than the retention range. 

  • WEIGHT: 40 grams
  • MADE FOR: Free touring
  • COLORS: Black

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