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The highest performing lightweight alpine touring binding.

If you want the highest performing lightweight alpine touring binding, choose the new for 2020 HAGAN Pure 8. The revolutionary Pure 8 binding outperforms standard tech bindings for a better skiing, more efficient, and hassle-free backcountry experience. The Pure 8 combines several ingenuous performance innovations: an extremely solid boot/ski connection, no torsional movement, precise release and great descending feel. Improving on the proven performance of tech bindings takes knowledge of what works and what doesn't. The heel pivots rotationally to provide consistent release and retention. The patented CAM heel system adjusts to impact forces, providing far better control and skiing precision than simple “U Forks.”

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  • The Pure 8 joins our line up for the 2020 season. The HAGAN Pure 8 binding is our branded version of the ATK Crest. It is basically a slightly stripped down, lighter and lower cost version of our Core 12. Key differences include a DIN range of 3-8 versus 5-12, one heel flap for 3 climbing positions instead of the 5 positions on the Core 12, and a narrower and lighter heel adjustment plate. Just 280 grams including length adjustment, brakes and integrated crampon mounts. And a slightly lower price, of course. We are introducing the Pure 8 binding primarily to combine with our Pure and Core series skis to provide an outstanding touring package with extreme value. That describes the perfect binding for the latest generation of ski tourers — the HAGAN Pure 8.

    Touring bindings spend the majority of their time going up, and the Pure 8's refined heel climbing aid is easily flippable by hand for three climbing positions. One climbing position can be selected without any need to twist the heel piece, making for far safer adjustments in precarious situations. At only 280 grams with brakes (230 grams with brakes removed), the Pure 8 is the lightest high-performance all-mountain touring binding!

    The Pure 8 features easy toe entry and quick and secure clamping that is far superior to standard tech bindings. The toe is designed for much easier step-in, even with older and worn boots. The heel piece can be turned in any direction. The brake arms are extra long with wide hooks to stop your skis quickly when they go airborne without you. Integrated crampon hooks allow stress-free ascents up bulletproof snow or in no-fall zones. All adjustments on the binding can be made with a standard Phillips screwdriver, so you can leave a few extra tools out of your pack. Psych yourself up to rip the biggest, baddest, remotest lines you can find with the Hagan Pure 8 binding.

    The HAGAN Pure 8 mirrors the HAGAN Ultra -- the most popular race (and light touring) binding in America -- for all-mountain skis because it perfectly embodies Hagan's prime values: durability, performance, ease of use and value

    • Weight: 280 grams
    • Multi-directional heel rotation
    • Easy Step-in
    • Colors perfectly match the Hagan Pure skis
    • Heel Z Values: 3-8 DIN
    • 20mm Boot Sole Length adjustment range
    • Easy length and release adjustment

    The location and function of the brakes is the main difference between the Core 12 and the Pure 8/10. Other than that, the toes are rather similar. The heels are a bit different, the main difference being the riser flaps, where there are 5 positions on the Core 12 and the flaps are magnetic, versus 3 on the Pure 8/10. The Core 12 has 30 mm length adjustment where the Pure 8/10 has 20 mm. And of course the Core 12 has a higher Z-value (DIN) range. Both have the Elastic Response System.


    HEEL FLAP WITH RISER: intuitive heel flap system which provides 3 different walking modes: FLAT MODE, + 36 mm and +50 mm .
    CAM HEEL RELEASE SYSTEM® (Adjustable Release 3-8): a cam system which drives the Vertical release (My) of the binding in case of a fall. The cam system is extremely precise and reliable, and at the same time very light and small.
    ROTATIONAL SYSTEM (Adjustable Release 3-8): this patented system provides the side release (Mz) adjustment.


    INTEGRATED CRAMPON HOOKS®: the included and removable crampon hooks integrate into the base of the toe piece for extreme rigidity and lightness!!


    • Aluminum alloy
    • Injection-molded POM thermo-plastic
    • Stainless steel


  • 70mm, 86mm, 91mm, 97mm and 108mm Crampons