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ATK R.C.A. World Cup

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The ultimate lightweight ski mountaineering race binding.

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    (Only 199 pairs exist in the world)

    The ATK RCA World Cup Vertical binding is the best binding for your vertical races!

    It is the flagship of the ATK Race bindings. At only 90 grams, it shaves precious grams critical to vertical races.

    Meticulously designed in every detail, 100% made in Italy. Beautifully hand crafted with elegant lines, the RCA World Cup is the ideal binding for all those skiers for whom every single gram makes the difference to get the best performance ever in vertical races.

    The RCA World Cup is innovative perfection:

    • left and right handed toe pieces keep the fixed toe arm on the internal side of the ski
    • extreme walking angle
    • easy handling
    • MONOLINK ® TECHNOLOGY 2.0, the innovative patented hooking system represents a big technological step forward in the race industry. The baseplate is ultra rigid and integrates one of the two arms, increasing the stability and stiffness of the entire toe piece.


  • The heel pieces provide exceptional performance crucial to professionals, thanks to perfected engineering details :

    • The heel cover presents an adjustable rotational resistance system to provide perfect stability during the years.
    • RACE SETTING: the side release (Mz) of the binding is fixed at a certain value (ca.8), while the vertical release (My) is fixed at ca.9.  These values have been determined over the years by our athletes to be the best balance of performance, retention and safety release.
    • ROLLING-IN SYSTEM®: provides easier heel hooking and eliminates the typical wear and tear on titanium “U” springs. Rollers on the end of the U-Springs simultaneously make stepping into the heel piece easier by lowering frictional resistance, while extending the life of the U Springs against wear.
  • WEIGHT: 90 GR
  • MATERIALS: Alu Alloys, Ti , POM
    RELEASE: Race setting

    Maintenance Note: Check and adjust the tightness of the Heel Pin Cover System periodically! Heel Pin Cover Plate rotation needs to be sufficiently tight so that the plate stays in place, either fully closed (uphill mode) or fully open (downhill mode). Adjust the tightness of the cover plate with a #10 Torx wrench. If the plate is too loose, it can rotate into a upright position, and subsequently break when a boot steps down on it. Heel pin cover plate breakage is not covered under warranty, because it is preventable with simple regular maintenance, but we provide replacement cover plates at low cost.

  • R01 30mm Adjustment Plate
    R04 60mm Adjustment Plate
    Ski Brake
    Safety Leash
    75mm and 91mm Crampons
    Replacement Heel Plates
    Replacement U-Springs