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Off Limits

Length (cm)

The Off Limits – adept as an approach ski, powder ski, ski board, variable conditions ski or for snow kiting.

  • Are you looking for a special ski for special pursuits? The Off Limits is adept as an approach ski, ski board, variable conditions ski or for snow kiting. The new Off Limits is now enhanced with a lightweight wood core, 180 mm soft rocker and slightly modified shape. The 130 cm long, extra-wide Off Limits is an allrounder you can trust blindly — it is the choice of the "Blind Climber” Andy Holzer.

    This ski is sturdy, agile and drifts beautifully in powder. A little secret is how the exceptionally maneuverable Off Limits aids skiing steep, deep and tightly-tree'd slopes. More than a few people have great fun on the Off Limits in powder stashes that are too much work on longer skis. Those who have skied the Off Limits swear by it. For this ski, nothing is Off Limits. 

    Pair the Off Limits skis with our X-Trace or Ride 10 bindings and get rid of your snowshoes. Climb faster and enjoy the descent on the ultimate "skishoes." 

  • Sidecut 130-90-110
    Rocker 180 mm Soft Tip Rocker
    Weight 1250 grams
      Length 130 cm
      Core Light Poplar
      Turning Radius 9.5 meters!!
      Construction Cap with Tri-axle fiberglass laminate wraps around poplar core
      Base High molecular weight stone ground base
      User Groups Alpine Mountaineers, Ice Climbers, Snow Kiters, Terrain Park Riders, Super Dense Tree Skiers
    • Custom tailored Hagan Green climbing skins or the new 100% mohair hybrid glue climbing skins are highly recommend for use with your Off Limits skis.