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Off Limits Skins

Size Guide

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Hybrid Glue technology

  • Low maintenance
  • Exceptionally easy handling
  • Quick and easy transitions
  • The handling benefits (easy on, easy off, easy separation, easy storage, zero need to re-glue, no mess) of vacuum skins with far superior adhesion and reliability.
  • The outer glue layer sticks the skin firmly to the ski even at low temperatures and is very easily removed without leaving any residue on the ski base.
  • The inner glue layer strongly binds the outer layer of adhesive to the skin backing. 

Hagan Climbing Skin Features:

  • Austrian-made, 100% mohair.
  • Perfect fit: Tailored to the exact length and width (minus 4mm) of the matching Off Limits skis.
  • Tip and Tail Attachments: Super simple, durable, light and easy to use. Off Limits skins use a tip bail and tail clip. Remove easily without taking off your skis.
  • Treated to resist moisture and glop.
  • Great glide, outstanding grip.

Hybrid Adhesion Advantages:

  • Excellent ski base adhesion even in low temperatures.
  • Effortless removal from the ski.
  • Maintenance-free - no need for reglueing. Use our hybrid cleaning spray to remove stubborn dirt or wax residue.
  • Super easy handling – fold together and separate with ease. Skip fumbling around with protective foil.

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