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  • Contour Dry Climb Skin Treatment

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    Contour Dry Climb climbing skin treatment fluid is the best method for waterproofing ski touring skins. Spray the plush side of your climbing skins with this special skin treatment fluid. Let them dry for 12 to 24 hours. The Dry Climb will repel water and prevent icing and snow clumping. Dry Climb also improves the glide of your skins.

    Dry Climb skin treatment fluid eliminates clumping in wet, sticky snow. Get it and use it before four inches of snow sticks to the bottom of your skis! Spring and warm weather ski touring is awesome with Dry Climb. Not so much when you are carrying pounds of snow uphill on the bottom of your skis.

    For those times when you didn't plan ahead and can't wait 12 to 24 hours for the Dry Climb treatment to cure, or for impromptu in the field use, use our Climbing Skin Wax.

    Dry Climb is solvent-free, free of fluorocarbon, and biodegradable.