X-Trace Binding

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The X-Trace binding which is compatible with virtually all footwear, including boots for extreme cold. It is extremely durable, easily adjustable and a cinch to use. Proven on polar expeditions, the X-Trace Pivot binding is truly universal. 

The X-Trace binding is ideal for use in low angle drainages, open fields, easy hut trip approaches, checking trap lines and any other time you want the ability to depart from the groomed cross country trails. 

The X-Trace Pivot is the logical evolution of the proven X-Trace Binding: It adds a pivoting articulation joint in the base plate for added comfort and a wider, taller toe piece for enhanced stability and control and even more universal shoe compatibility. 

The X-Trace and X-Trace Pivot are suitable for all hiking, trekking and winter boots with a flexible sole and sizes between 35-47.5 or Mondo Point 22 to 31. 


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    2016-2017 Hagan Ski Overview and Data Sheet
    2016-2017 Hagan Ski Overview and Data Sheet