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ATK AL13 Freeride Spacer for Core 12 EVO binding

Improves downhill performance!

The ATK AL13 universal freeride spacer eliminates the gap between the sole of the boot and the top-sheet of the ski/binding, as well as reducing the stresses on the boot/binding interface by directly transferring force to the ski. The AL13 Freeride Spacer is micro-adjustable in height. It integrates neatly with the HAGAN Core 12 EVO, Pin Up 8 EVO and Pin Up 10 EVO binding heel pieces. Elastic slide anti-friction devices contact the boot heel sole. When properly calibrated, it does not alter in any way the lateral release properties of the binding.

Get the most from your equipment in any skiing condition: force transmission sensitivity and accuracy at the ski/boot interface reaches levels never before experienced in a tech binding. Torsional and vertical movement (“slop”) common to tech bindings, which our ROTATIONAL CAM SYSTEM® heel already makes so minute as to be almost imperceptible, are now entirely eliminated — in particular during larger impact loads.

Set the micro-height adjustment so that you can slide a sheet of paper between your boot sole and the top of the freeride spacers when your boot is clipped into the binding but unweighted. When you are in your boots, your bodyweight will create a solid connection with the spacers without putting too much pressure on them.

Install the ATK AL13 Freeride Spacer on the HAGAN Core 12 EVO, Pin Up 10 EVO and Pin Up 8 EVO as well as the ATK Raider 12 EVO binding. (NOT the Core 12 Pro binding, which uses the Core 12 Pro/ATK AL09 Freeride Spacer.)

  • WEIGHT: 28 grams
  • MADE FOR: Free touring
  • COLORS: Black
  • CONTAINS: Set of two spacers and screws

(The Hagan Core 12 Pro binding uses the AL09 Freeride spacer, which has different fittings.)