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October 23, 2017 1 min read

Toe-mounted ski brakes are unusual. Heel-mounted brakes being the standard. So why depart from standard? Here are brief notes on 4 reasons:

  • The HAGAN Core brakes are always active (both descend AND climb modes.)
  • Toe-mounted brakes don’t interfere with heel, or toe, release.
  • The HAGAN Core brakes can easily be removed when saving some grams is desired. Heel mounted brakes either can't be replaced without affecting performance, or require a more complicated, and potentially costly, requirement to replace the brake plate with a stationery plate.
  • The toe-mounted brakes are lighter to begin with, because they don’t need to be beefed up to withstand repetitive “stomping” during heel click in.

Hagan Core AT backcountry ski binding

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