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Ultra Carbon Pole

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Designed especially for ski mountaineering athletes and backcountry skiers who like going light and fast. The extreme rigidity and lightness of the HAGAN Ultra Carbon ski mountaineering race poles make them the choice for athletes that aim to be first to the top. With 100% carbon fiber shafts that weigh just 68 grams per meter, they offer an optimal stiffness to weight ratio. Carbide Tungsten tips are exceptionally versatile and durable.

Foam grips with 24 mm wide straps are super light and comfortable - and much warmer than plastic grips. The large backcountry nordic baskets minimize punching through. The shape minimizes bouncing off hard snow on pole plant. No sense dragging extra weight to the top! These poles are the lightest I've tested, weighting just 125 grams in the 130cm length. These competition poles do not respond to any DIN/ISO and are not covered by warranty against breakage.  Developed and produced in Austria, they have record low weight, quality features and unparalleled performance. 

LENGTHS: 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135, 140, 145 CM

WEIGHT: 125 grams
MATERIALS: 100% carbon shafts, carbide tips
COLORS: Dark grey
CATEGORY: Race/Light Touring