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November 05, 2017 2 min read



HAGAN Vacuum Base Composite climbing skins are developed especially for easy handling. With regard to adhesive technology and handling, they cannot be compared with conventional adhesive skins.

In order to guarantee the durability of your HAGAN vacuum skins, the following guidelines should be kept in mind:

  • The ski should be in properly maintained and in working order. Only paraffin waxes may be used, which are applied hot, ironed on, and finally properly brushed off.

  • Do not use pastes, rubbing waxes, spray waxes, or silicon sprays on the running surface of your touring skis. These can only be applied superficially, are transferred onto the adhesive layer when put on, and thus reduce adhesive power.

  • Do not use fluoro, race, or other high speed waxes on your touring skis.

  • Prior to the first use of a new touring ski, it should be cleaned with a surface cleaner. By default, touring skis are provided with grinding emulsions, oil for the edges, and superficial wax layers by the factory, in order to protect the ski. On first use, this may have negative effects on the adhesive power.

  • If the ski was stored with a wax layer during the summer, it has to be properly brushed before first use.

  • After use, the skins should be hung up, dried, and consequently stored in the skin bag, preferably at room temperature. No intermediate layer is necessary.

  • Never dry skins over hot stoves or radiators.

  • Never store skins in frozen condition.

  • If the adhesive power of your Vacuum Base Skin should degrade, it can be cleaned with the HAGAN Vacuum Base Cleaner. For this purpose, the spray is applied to the adhesive side, the skin is cleaned with an ordinary, non-abrasive sponge, and then rinsed with water.

  • When put on, the skin has to be applied without wrinkles and properly pressed on once.

  • On re-application, both the ski and the adhesive side of the skin have to be dry on the surface. Use the fleece part of your HAGAN skin bag for this.

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