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June 21, 2017 2 min read

Customer Review of the Y-King and vacuum climbing skin

I have been meaning to write to you for a few months now. First I want to thank you for your assistance and advice while buying the Y-King skis and the Vacuum Skins. Second I want to tell you how much I like both. This year I also got a new pair of boots from Scarpa and after getting my boots dialed so that the flex was the way I liked it, that is when I really started liking the Y-King skis. I am very happy that I chose the 190cm as I like to pressure the tips of my skis (I don’t sit in the back seat) and both the width and the length of the Y-Kings are perfect for me. I am 6’3” and 185-lbs and like to keep the ski in the snow as much as possible. The skis are great for skiing powder. Only in harder frozen old snow did I find that they deflected too much, but then I would need a stiffer ski to plow through that crud. I have skied a lot this winter off of Red Mtn Pass and continue to do so as the skiing is still great down here. Also the ski are super light especially for the size I am on. Love them…

The Vacuum Skins are great too.. No more busting a gut or tearing my bicep muscles trying to get my skins apart or off of my skis. I have not had any problem with them not gripping the snow except on a rare occasion when I am trying to take too steep an ascent and the track is a little icy. I did have them get a bit wet on me a few times this spring but I rubbed some wax on them and then the snow didn’t stick any more. Sometimes when the temps are really cold and the snow gets on the vacuum side of the skin then the skin does not stick to the ski. But I just rubbed them off on my leg and maybe put them in my jacket instead of my pack for a run and that got them warm enough that they stuck just fine. Everyone is jealous when they see how easy the skins come apart or off my skis. The precut skins fit the skis perfectly and are easy to put on and get off. Makes for a much more enjoyable day out. I also like how I can wash them off in the sink and dry them out and they are ready to go the next day. Thanks again for all your help and if you ever want to ski in the San Juan’s let me know and I will take you out for a fun day of skiing. Hope you have a great summer.

Brad Johnson

Ridgway, CO

Michael Hagen
Owner, Hagan Ski Mountaineering USA

Michael Hagen
Michael Hagen

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