ATK Workstation


Available for Fall 2023 delivery through Pre-Order only. Please pre-order early as there is considerable lead time. The Basic and Intermediate versions are no longer available.

The ATK WORKSTATION is a complete tool for mounting and servicing all skis with tech/pin bindings including the HAGAN Ultra World Cup, Boost 12, Core 12 Pro, Pure 8 and 10.

The ATK Workstation is exceptionally high quality to enable smooth and efficient work on your backcountry skis, including edge maintenance, prep of ski bases, and mounting of bindings. The workstation can be tilted for better access to ski edges. The workstation is easily transportable, so you can take your "work desk" everywhere, from your shop to test days on the snow.



Uses: ski edge prep, ski base processing, mounting and servicing of bindings. It can be used everywhere with the include support legs.

Includes: attachment system for tech bindings (for base and edge work) + stabilizing rollers for the ski ends + adjustable vises for skis 60 to 140 mm wide for mounting bindings + adjustable height legs + a transport bag to carry the tool everywhere.

NOTE: Skis can be fixed to the workstation with the tips pointing right or left, so that the  processing direction on the ski edges can be kept consistent.

MATERIALS: Aluminum Alloys, POM

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