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ATK R16A Raider Toe Plates

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Genuine ATK R16A toe plate. 

The ATK R16A toe plate has three uses: 1) as a shim to raise your toe piece, 2) to adjust the position of your toe piece, 3) to mount toe pieces with different mounting patterns.

The R16A plate has multiple mounting holes allowing you to replace any Touring-Free toe with a Race oriented one (or vice versa)!

The plate is adjustable by 13.5mm both forward and backward for a total of 27mm of range of motion. The is excellent for adjusting fore/aft position for finding the perfect binding position for you, or perhaps for changing binding position based on terrain and conditions.

Place under the toe piece of your binding if you prefer a smaller ramp angle. Raises your toe piece by 4mm.

Works with Hagan Core 12 Pro and Boost 12 bindings and ATK R12, FR12, Front 12,  Raider 10, Raider 12, Freeraider 12, Freeraider 14 and Freeraider 16 bindings.

Super easy to install. Comes with longer screws. Set of two.

Thickness: 4 millimeters

Weight: 50 grams

Material: Aluminum

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