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Core 12, Pure 8/10 & Ultra Crampons

Size Guide
Crampon Width (mm)

For a safe climb in exposed terrain, the lightweight Titanal crampons for the HAGAN tech/pin bindings are available in seven widths: 70, 86, 91, 97, 102, 108 and 120mm. These are the lightest crampons on the market thanks to innovative heat treatments and the best aluminum alloys. They possess superb strength and flexibility thanks to a further reduction of the material thickness to just 2mm. The aggressive tip shape ensures maximum grip on hard snow.

These crampons work with all Hagan and ATK bindings: Core 12 Pro, Core 12, Pure 8, Pure 10, Ultra World Cup.

The crampons very easily slip into the crampon mounting points (integrated on the Pure 8 and 10, and Core 12 bindings, optional on the Ultra binding) on HAGAN tech bindings. They can be attached while your boot is in the binding in climbing mode. Once installed, a detent point keeps them securely in place. Taking them off is as easy as putting them on.

You may not need them that often, but when you do, you will be very glad you have them.

Superlight! Weight:

  • 70mm = 49 grams
  • 86mm = 72 grams
  • 91mm = 76 grams
  • 97mm = 80 grams
  • 102mm = 83 grams
  • 108mm = 85 grams
  • 120mm = 92 grams

Note: the 70mm binding crampon is the ATK Race Superlight.

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