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March 21, 2019 2 min read

Hagan Ski USA is proud to sponsor two iconic, local (to us) races – the 5 Peaks and the Imperial Challenge.

The 5 Peaks is a great "long course" race, visiting (when snow conditions permit) the five peaks towering over Breckenridge ski area. The race climbs and descends Peaks 5 through 10 (in the opposite order). It is a two-person team race, taking approximately 3 hours for the fastest teams to complete. There is a shorter course, open to individuals, that takes a bit under 2 hours for the winners.

The 5 Peaks ski mountaineering race sponsored by Hagan Ski USA

The Imperial Challenge is an iconic "hello to Spring" "triathlon". Racers bike from the Breckenridge Rec Center to the base of Peak 7. The bike is mostly uphill, mostly gravel and usually not dry. Conditions are often snowy, slushy, icy and muddy. Some years road bikes work, other years mountain bikes are the wiser choice. Racers then get on ski touring gear (or, regrettably, s**t boards) and climb to the top of Peak 8 just shy of 13,000 feet (if you jump, your head will be there), rip skins and descend back to the base of Peak 7. Winning time is in the 1:20s. There is also a short course - and a run instead of bike option and a team relay option.

The Imperial Challenge ski mountaineering triathlon, sponsored by Hagan Ski USA.

These are our home races, which we have raced often, and we are glad to support them. We are supplying a Hagan ski to each race, along with a few raffle prizes. Sign up for the 5 Peaks here and the Imperial Challenge here. There will also be special discounts on Hagan skis to race registrants. Go to the race websites to check it out.

Michael Hagen
Michael Hagen

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