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Climbing Skin Care Tips

April 12, 2019 1 min read

Hagan Climbing Skin Wax for anti-icing and anti-glomping

Spring is the best time for ski touring – corn snow, sunshine and warm temps. Okay, powder skiing is tough to beat, but sometimes you get that in the spring, too. Spring does require a little extra skin care to avoid the dreaded "glomping." Here are some skin care tips, useful for the Imperial Challenge and 5 Peaks as well.
  1. All Hagan climbing skins have a special anti-icing and anti-glomping treatment - and are 100% mohair, which has much better anti-icing properties than lower quality skins. Eventually the treatment wears off, so we recommend...
  2. Periodically applying Hagan Dry Climb skin treatment fluid to your skins. This is a simple process, but needs to be done in advance to let the fluid set. Dry Climb fluid should be reapplied every five outings or so. When you forget to prepare in advance...
  3. Always carry skin wax with you. Hagan Skin Waxis specially designed for climbing skins, but any stick wax will do. Having skin wax on hand could rescue you from some very frustrating experiences with glomping on your spring tours. But better, prepare ahead of time with Dry Climb fluid. 

And as a bonus to preventing icing, the Hagan Dry Climb fluid improves glide as well.

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