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September 14, 2022 3 min read

  • The Core 12 Evo is an update of the Core 12 Pro with an evolution of the brake retraction into a new, easy to operate, automatic brake system. One significant benefit is that users can’t forget to release the brake before their descent. The ATK equivalent of the Core 12 Pro is the Raider 12. The ATK equivalent of the Core 12 Evo is the Raider Evo
  • The Pure 10 is the same as the Crest 10 and the Pure 8 is the same as the Crest 8.
  • The Pin Up 10 and 8 are updates of the Pure 10 and 8 with the new automatic brake retraction system like the Core 12 Evo and dual magnetic heel risers. We will continue to offer the Pure bindings as a lower cost alternative to the Pin Ups.
  • The Grom 5 is our new version of the Candy 5.
  • The Boost 12 is the same as the ATK Front 12.
  • The Ultra World Cup is the same as the ATK SL World Cup and also no change.

New Grom 5 Junior BindingHagan Grom 5 junior kids ski binding

My prices for the Hagan equivalents are intended to be lower. Alert me if not.

Technical details:

The Core 12 EVO has 2 riser positions, because the "pins forward" riser positions can't be used while climbing. However, the difference in height to the “other two” riser positions on the Core 12 Pro is minimal. They are within a few millimeters of each other. The main value of the “four” riser positions on the Core 12 Pro is that if you are using flat mode, you don’t have to twist the heel tower back to use risers. And if not using flat mode, you don’t have to twist from pins forward/descent mode to use them. Since with the EVO you twist for climbing (and flat mode), you really don't lose any convenience or riser positions.

A couple notes about the Core 12 EVO and PIN UP 8/10:

1. The brakes are swappable/removable and spare brakes will be available, at about the same price as the Core 12 Pro/Pure 8/10 brakes.

2. There is a new Freeride Spacer (AL13) that is similar to that of the Core 12 Pro and likewise snaps into the bottom of the Core 12 EVO and the PIN UP 8/10. (Spacers don’t work with the Pure 8/10.) So no extra drilling. It is held in place by fittings on the bottom of the binding. The price is the same as the AL09.

3. Due to the construction of the new auto brakes, the pin and riser heights on the Core 12 EVO and PIN UP 8/10 are a few millimeters higher. I guess that will be good or bad depending on the person. 

The risers on the Pin Up 8/10 are substantially higher than the Pure 8/10. (Most people will like that, as many have expressed desire for higher risers.)

In fact, the lower riser on the Pin Up is almost as high as the upper riser on the Pure. The Pin Up upper riser is another 12mm or so higher.

The risers on the Pure are 42 and 55. I’d put the risers on the Pin Up at ~53 and 65.  (All those heights are measured from the lower/leading edge of the riser. They angle up so are higher further back.)

New Hagan Core 12 EVO Binding with automatic brakes

Hagan Core 12 EVO alpine touring binding equivalent of ATK Raider 13 Evo.


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