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Backcountry Weekends at C Lazy U Ranch

October 03, 2023 1 min read

Backcountry Weekends at C Lazy U Ranch

Winter is coming!  You have to plan early to get the most out of it. You are invited to the SKI C Lazy U backcountry events in Granby, Colorado.  They are the first ever and definitely one of a kind event and I hope you can attend.  HAGAN USA will be there with our full demo fleet so you can try all of our skis on a private stash of C Lazy U powder.

C Lazy U Ranch is Colorado's premier guest ranch since 1919. It is home to over 200 horses, amazing mountain biking and some of the best private Colorado ski touring around. HAGAN and C Lazy U have partnered to offer 2 action packed weekends with great skiing, backcountry equipment and technique talks and some avalanche discussion too.  Pair that with amazing accomodations and the best food around.  This is a backcountry treat not to be missed.   Please call or email me with any questions or Click HERE for more info and reservations.


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