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Replacing Hagan World Cup Race Binding U Springs

January 14, 2020 2 min read

ATK Rolling In System U Springs for ATK SL World Cup, Hagan Ultra bindings and Black Diamond Hello 110 and 145 bindings

Hagan Ultra bindings are very simple and durable, but eventually (probably at least one season unless you tour an extreme amount) the U Springs will wear out. Replacing the U springs is relatively simple. See the videos below for instructions on how to replace the U Springs. Having and using a Seeger Tong will help tremendously, but using a rubber mallet and flathead screwdriver will help. Pry and tap very carefully.


These instructions apply to:


  • Hagan Ultra race bindings
  • ATK R.C.A. World Cup Vertical
  • ATK Revolution World Cup
  • ATK SL World Cup
  • ATK SL Lightweight World Cup
  • ATK Trofeo
  • Black Diamond Helio 110
  • Black Diamond Helio 145
  •  ATK Rolling In System U Springs for ATK SL World Cup, Hagan Ultra bindings and Black Diamond Hello 110 and 145 bindings


    Here's a small money saving tip: when your U Springs start to wear, you can extend their life, before having to replace them entirely, by simply removing them and flipping them over to the unworn side!

    I have received numerous reports that Black Diamond retailer and customer support is terrible for the BD Helio 110, BD Helio 145, BD Helio 180 and BD Helio 200 bindings. So good luck getting replacement parts through Black Diamond. Better to get service and support from Hagan Ski USA. We actually care about lightweight ski touring and providing customer support. It isn't just an uncared for product niche to be filled, as appears to be the case for Black Diamond. Unlike Black Diamond, we are a small company that doesn't make gear in China.

    Heel Flaps occasionally break. Be a Boy Scout. Be prepared. I recommend ordering a replacement set of U springs and Heel Flaps for your Ultra bindings . When (if) your U springs wear down too much, you can replace them at your convenience instead of having to order and wait for new springs. And if a heel flap should break, be prepared and replace it immediately – again without waiting.

    Check and adjust the tightness of the Heel Pin Cover System periodically! Heel Pin Cover Plate rotation needs to be sufficiently tight so that the plate stays in place, either fully closed (uphill mode) or fully open (downhill mode). Adjust the tightness of the cover plate with a #10 Torx wrench. If the plate is too loose, it can rotate into a upright position, and subsequently break when a boot steps down on it.  Heel pin cover plate breakage is not covered under warranty, but we provide replacement cover plates at low cost. Hagan Ultra binding replacement parts and accessories: 

  • R01 30mm Adjustment Plate
  • R04 60mm Adjustment Plate
  • Ski Brake
  • Safety Leash
  • 75mm and 91mm Crampons
  • Replacement Heel Plates
  • Replacement U-Springs
  • Rolling In System U Springs - These U Springs, pictured above, are super nice upgrades to your Hagan Ultra bindings. The exquisitely machined steel bushings on the end of the U Springs significantly ease step in and improve durability.

    Videos showing how to replace Hagan Ultra and ATK World Cup U springs: 


    Video showing the Seeger Tong:


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