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Ultra U Springs with Rolling In System


The ROLLING-IN® SYSTEM improves ease of use and prevents wear and tear of the titanium “U” spring.

  • ROLLING-IN SYSTEM®: Upgraded with rotating steel bushings, the “U” springs provide much easier step-in easy even in fresh snow conditions where stomping into the bindings can be difficult. The Rolling In System also eliminates wear and tear on the titanium spring.
  • The “U” spring is shaped out of titanium for extreme lightness combined with strength.
  • RACE SETTING: the vertical release (My) of the U Springs are fixed at a certain value (ca. 9 My regular, ca. 6 My lightweight), defined in the years by our athletes team to be the best balance between safety and stability.

There are two reasons to upgrade to the Rolling In System U Springs:

  1. Much easier step in making for faster and easier transitions.
  2. They last longer. Much longer.

The Ultra replacement U-Springs come in sets of two.

  • 2 TITANIUM “U” SPRINGS with Rolling In System
  • 0 of the STANDARD CLAMPING SCREWS pictured in the photo



Hagan Ultra and ATK Rolling In system U Spring