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Chimera Zero Skins

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Chimera Zero Climbing Skins. Choose traditional glue or our brand new and exclusive two-zone compound adhesion (vacuum) bases.

These skins perfectly and stylishly match the design of the Chimera Zero skis. New! Chimera climbing skins are now 100% Mohair. You will be using your Chimera skis often and for years. Chimera skins are the perfect match.

These exceptionally fast gliding, 100% mohair climbing skins are tailored to the exact length and width (minus 4mm) of each ski. They come with super simple, light, durable and easy to use tip and tail attachments. The Chimera Series skins use a "Gummi" tip at the top (shown in the alternate image) that hooks into the tip notch on the Y-Series. The 100% mohair plush, treated to resist moisture, glob and increase glide, is durable and easy gliding. Your all mountain Chimera Zero skis deserve quality all mountain climbing skins. 

    The two-zone compound adhesion skis can be refreshed with our vacuum skin base cleaner to return them to nearly new adhesive strength. Although the vacuum skins cost slightly ($10) more, they can potentially cost much less than glue skins in the long run when the cost of re-gluing skins is considered — and save a lot of work and mess over re-glueing skins yourself. 

    Select glue or vacuum before adding to cart. I highly recommend the vacuum skins.

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