Boost 99 Climbing Skins

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  • Brand new! Get the latest generation in adhesive technology – the first ever hybrid twin layer adhesive technology! The outer layer sticks the skin firmly to the ski even at low temperatures and is very easily removed without leaving any residue on the ski base. The inner layer binds the upper layer of adhesive to the skin backing. The Hybrid Adhesion technology is super low maintenance, exceptionally easy handling and creates lightning fast transitions. 

    These exceptionally fast gliding, 100% mohair climbing skins are tailored to the exact length and width (minus 4mm) of the Boost 99 ski. They come with super simple, light, durable and easy to use tip and tail attachments. Boost 99 skins use a bail tip attachment and tail clip that allows easy removal of climbing skins without taking off your skis.

    The Boost 99 skins are 100% mohair plush, treated to resist moisture and glob and increase glide, is durable and easy gliding. It also provides excellent grip. HAGAN Boost 99 climbing skins pair perfectly with Boost 99 skis. Your HAGAN skis deserve fast, high-quality HAGAN climbing skins. 

    Hybrid Adhesion Advantages:

    • perfect ski base adhesion even in low temperatures
    • effortless removal from the ski
    • maintenance-free - no need for reglueing. Tackiness is restored by simply cleaning the adhesive with conventional detergent. Use our hybrid cleaning spray to remove stubborn dirt or wax residue.
    • easy handling as the skins can be folded together and separated with ease. For storage use the backing foil provided to protect the adhesive.
  • Solvent-free glue
    Excellent in cold weather
    Vacuum adhesion skis are exceptionally easy to use and store
    Exclusive speed webbing
    Pre-treated with Dry Climb Skin Treatment water-resistant coating
    Stainless Steel galvanized tail hooks
    Bail tips hook quickly, easily and securely to the Boost 99 skis
    Four layer lamination
    Delivered with skin bag, protective foil, and use and care manual
    100% Mohair
  • Made in AustriaUnique products developed, tested, and sustainably manufactured in Austria.

    Hagan Skins are water resistant and treated with Dry Climb skin treatment fluidFactory treated with waterproofing to minimize snow and ice build up for top glide performance. 

    Hagan skins are solvent free and environmentally consciousManufactured with carbon-neutral materials and without fluorine or other toxic substances.

    Easy HandlingSimple handling from start to finish of any ski tour. Ideal for users who desire comfort in the backcountry.

  • Maintenance:

    The tackiness of our hybrid adhesive will only be impaired by dirt on its surface. The adhesive strength can be renewed simply by washing with standard detergent and water. For stubborn dirt and wax residue, our hybrid cleaning spray can be used.

    After significant use, you can renew the water-resistance, anti-icing and glide characteristics of our Race skins with our specially formulated Hagan Dry Climb Skin Treatment. For quick field use, ourHagan Skin Wax will keep your skins from icing or collecting wet snow.

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