Sky Diver

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The 250mm Soft Rocker makes the Sky Diver a ski anyone can master. The 75mm waist width is perfect for quick and smooth edges changes. The Sky Diver is classic and reliable.

  • Sidecut:112-75-100
  • Weight:1,270 g in the 163cm length
  • Lengths:140, 147, 155, 163, 170cm
  • Tip Rocker:250mm
  • Core:Poplar
  • Turning Radius:16
  • Construction:Semi-Sidewall
  • Materials:
    • Triaxle Fiberglass Top Layer
    • Light Poplar Core
    • Triaxle Fiberglass Bottom Layer
  • Base:Sintered Base with Disc Finish
  • Target Group:Tour All mountain
 Sidecut 112-75-100mm
Weight 1,270 grams in the 163cm length
Lengths 140, 147, 155, 163, 170cm
Rocker 250mm tip rocker
Core Poplar
Turning Radius 16 meters
Construction Semi-Sidewall
  • Triaxle Fiberglass Top Layer
  • Poplar Light Wood Core
  • Triaxle Fiberglass Bottom Layer
Base High Molecular Sintered Base with disc finish
Target Group Tour All Mountain