Brake end caps


Replacement ski brake end caps for HAGAN and ATK bindings

These are the plastic bits at the end of the brake arms.

As opposed to most everything else on this site (skis, bindings, boots, etc.) which are sold in pairs, these ski brake end caps are sold as singles. Most people, not all, granted - we support some para-athletes - need two skis, bindings or boots. Chances are you may only need a single end cap to replace a lost or broken one, so I'm making them available as singles.

I.e., if you order 1 end cap, I will send just 1. If you need both end caps for a single brake, order 2. If you need both end caps for a pair of brakes, order 4.

These brake arm end caps are for the Hagan Boost 12, Core 12 Pro, Core 12 EVO, Pin Up 8 EVO, Pin Up 10 EVO, Pure 8, Pure 10 and many recent ATK bindings like the Raider 12, Raider 14, R11, R13, etc.