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Climbing Skin Wax

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HAGAN Climbing Skin Wax is a convenient and simple way to waterproof ski touring skins. HAGAN Climbing Skin Wax repels water and prevents icing and snow clumping. It also improves the glide of your skins.

Carry it with you in its convenient case and rub on the plush side of your climbing skins. When you can prepare in advance, get better results by rubbing it on and then lightly ironing with a warm iron. 

Get it and use it before four inches of wet, sticky snow clumps to the bottom of your skis! Spring and warm weather ski touring are awesome, except when you are carrying pounds of snow uphill on the bottom of your skis.

HAGAN Climbing Skin Wax is great for impromptu on the snow use. For even better water repellency and glide, use HAGAN Dry Climb skin treatment fluid.


    HAGAN Boot and Ski Tech Features

    HAGAN SKI TECHNICAL FEATURESHagan Backcountry Ski Technical Features


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