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Ultra 65 Lineage and Development

January 06, 2020 4 min read

Ultra 65 Lineage and Development

HAGAN Ultra 65 - a high precision racing machine.

The Ultra 65 is a proven 100% race ski with super edge grip for consistent carving. HAGAN's proprietary micro-ABS sidewalls mean superior durability, dampening and vibration filtering for superior downhill performance. No other race ski has it. Even at the highest speed and ultimate edge angles this incredibly light ski dices its way securely through the snow. The edge grip is brutally good, the entire ski dynamic and full of spark.

Hagan Ultra 65 Skimo ski mountaineering race ski

  • Hagan has a storied and well-deserved reputation for exceptionally high performance ski mountaineering race skis that are an outstanding value. That happens when you have been making skis for 95 years.

    Hagan Skis set the standard not just in performance, but for value. The Ultra 65 outperforms and outlasts skis costing much, much more. Hagan believes performance is measured on the mountain, not on the price tag. Our value proposition is inescapable.

    Ten years ago no other ski matched the Hagan Race's low weight and low price. Seven years ago we gave the new "X-Race" a broader tip and tail to improve downhill performance. It remained unmatched for its combination of price, performance and weight. Five years ago we lowered the X-Race's weight by 11%. No other ski could even remotely be considered a rival for the new weight, price, durability and performance. Three years ago we introduced a new X-Race with a wider, diamond edge elliptical shovel for optimal lift and flotation, rocker for unsurpassed performance across the range of conditions from fresh, deep powder to wind-blown and sun-baked crust, and increased length and width for improved high speed stability. All these advancements increased surface area and improved flotation for significantly improved downhill performance — leading to new performance peaks. The X-Race became the most popular race ski in America. Rivals? Yeah, they were gasping! Did we rest on our laurels? Hardly.

    The previous generation X-Race was one of the best race skis available anywhere — and was without a doubt the best value. So how did we make it better? We improved downhill performance and durability by adding micro ABS sidewalls and tweaking the rocker, length and sidecut for better edge hold. Of course, that had to make it heavier, right? How much heavier? Zero grams. We think that is a trade-off you can live with. We topped the improvements off by lowering the price.Hagan raised the value proposition yet again!

    The Hagan race team is an integral part of our product testing and development. Subjecting our test products to their tough use shows us how to reduce every last unnecessary gram while not losing focus on durability, safety and performance.

    Over the last several years we pushed the weight of our race ski to its lowest practical limit. We don’t sacrifice reliability, durability and downhill performance to participate in the low weight at all costs madness.

    The race team and our development team are confident of this — Hagan has raised the bar again. 
  • The Ultra 65 is the result of years of tireless development work. The new shape and the ABS sidewalls provide sensational power transmission and control — at the same just over 700g weight. The rocker is shortened to 200mm and the sidecut slightly tweaked so the Ultra 65 tracks true and enables higher speed. Molded Y-shaped tip notches make skin attachment easier and faster. The wood core and carbon-fiber stringers are visible through the HAGAN graphics.

    The redesigned Ultra 65 improves on the stable, reliable performance for which the X-Race was renown. The Diamond Edge Cap reinforced by the micro ABS sidewalls deliver durability and exceptional ascent and descent characteristics required for success in modern ski tour racing.  The Ultra 65 is lightning fast on the ups, superb on the downs, and durable. The Ultra 65 is at home on the most demanding courses—super fast direction changes and high speed shots are its domain. It rides smoothly and confidently at high speeds and reacts quickly to edge pressure at all speeds.The Ultra 65's downhill performance is simply incredible for a ski weighing 700 grams. For those who think “I couldn’t possibly ski a ski that narrow and light.” We say “Oh yes, with the Ultra 65, you can!” The Ultra 65 isn't just for racers. It is great for fitness and recreational skiers who prefer moving light and fast. While the Ultra 65 is amongst the lightest race skis in the world, it is also one of the most durable. Some race skis boast very low weights (and very high prices) yet you rarely see them except on the feet of sponsored racers — and then on uphill only races. There is a reason for that. Hagan skis are not “race day only” skis. Ski them frequently, ski them hard.

  • The 2020 Ultra 65 is completely reinvented. The Ultra 65 climbs just as sprightly as ever, and the downhill performance is even better! We added (versus the previous pure cap construction with no sidewalls) micro-height ABS sidewalls in the mid-ski area for improved strength, durability and edge hold.

    The Hagan Ultra 65 competition ski is one of only two race skis on the market with ABS sidewalls and the only race ski with mid-foot micro-height sidewalls. The Ultra 65 is the lightest ABS sidewall equipped ski because of its highly optimized micro-height and shortened critical zone sidewalls.

    Why ABS sidewalls? Two reasons: 1. Improved durability. 2. Better downhill performance, particularly on hard snow.

    The Ultra 65 is the only ski mountaineering race ski available in a 151cm length, which is perfect for smaller and lighter skiers. The 151cm length is lighter (640 grams!) and more maneuverable than longer skis while providing plenty of float and control.

    Sidecut 151cm: 95-65-78, 161cm: 97-65-80
    • 640 grams in the 151 cm length
    • 710 grams in the 161 cm length
    Lengths 151 and 161 cm
    Rocker 200 mm Tip Rocker
    Core Ultra light Paulownia
    Turning Radius 151cm: 20-21-22 meters, 161cm: 22-23-24 meters Built for Speed multi radius
    Construction Diamond Edge Cap with micro-height mid-ski ABS sidewalls
    Base High molecular sintered PE-base with stone grind
    User Groups Ski mountaineering racers, Ultra light ski tourers, Recreational Fitness Tourers

    I highly recommend pairing your Ultra 65 race skis with ourbrand new for 2020 Ultra 65 hybrid race climbing skins. The advanced hybrid  adhesion technology makes these the easiest handling, fastest transition race skins. Want faster transitions? Get these skins! Or be traditional and go with traditionalglue climbing skins.

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