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Hagan Core 12 Evo: The Ultimate Lightweight Freetouring Binding

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Revolutionizing Lightweight Touring

The Hagan Core 12 Evo, also known as the ATK Raider 12 / R12, has stormed onto the freetouring scene, redefining what lightweight bindings can offer to backcountry enthusiasts. This review article will delve deep into the Core 12 Evo's design, features, performance, and user experiences, shedding light on its position as one of the best lightweight freetouring bindings available in the market today.

Minimalist design at 350 grams per binding

Fully automatic brake system

45mm-wide heel piece for superior stability

High-quality aluminum and stainless steel materials

Performance Praise: Light, Fast, Reliable

The Hagan Core 12 EVO represents a monumental leap in freetouring binding technology. Its distinctive blend of lightweight design and top-notch performance is attributed to the craftmanship of ATK Bindings in Italy and enriched with HAGAN's profound expertise in ski mountaineering products. The Core 12 EVO prides itself on its fully automatic brake system, ensuring unfaltering safety and convenience on the slopes. Forget manual brake deployment; the transition to ski mode does it for you! Precision and power transmission are hallmarks of the Core 12 EVO, offering features such as the patented CAM heel system, which adjusts to forces and delivers better control. This system, coupled with the elasticity of the patented E.R.S.® (Elastic Response System), allows the ski the freedom to flex naturally, enhancing your downhill performance. Moreover, the toe and heel mounts are widely constructed to flawlessly transfer power, ensuring that nothing is lost between the skier and the ski. Less bulk and more brains – the Core 12 EVO shines in simplicity and ease without compromising on functionality. Its ultra-light weight of just 0.690 Kg per pair defies the standards set by others in its category. With awards such as the 2021 Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choice under its belt, this binding proves its excellence with robust construction and high-performance features that stand out. Whether you are navigating slopes or tackling challenging terrains, the Core 12 EVO stands as a beacon of innovation for serious ski aficionados.

"The Hagan Core 12 Evo has revolutionized my backcountry adventures. It's exceptionally lightweight, easing the ascent, yet ensures downhill safety. It's the ultimate binding for pushing the backcountry limits without risking injury."

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Nicolas M.

A Benchmark in Touring Bindings

For those who value the ascent as much as the descent, the Core 12 Evo's lightweight prowess is hard to beat. Its efficient design, and top-notch materials, combined with its stellar performance position it as a go-to choice for those seeking to explore the backcountry.

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