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Pure 90

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Hagan Pure Series Skis - Proven products redesigned

New Tour Classic PURE 75, Pure 85 and Pure 90 Skis

  • Hagan Pure 90 – Exceptional value, exceptional performance

    The Pure 90 delivers the best price to weight and performance ratios of any backcountry ski. Lively, fun and effortless to put on edge and drive through a turn – point this ski downhill and let it take care of the rest.

    The PURE 90 is moderately waisted and very agile with a modest tour rocker. High quality materials provide stability and reliability. The hybrid paulownia/poplar wood core is not only light but also very resilient. ABS sidewalls run the entire length of the ski and pass force directly from the binding to the edge without any loss of power. The full-length sidewalls make the ski torsionally rigid, ensuring good grip on the slopes.

    The PURE 90 is an ideal ski for those who enjoy both backcountry and on-piste skiing.

    PURE is the name of the Hagan models that promise fantastic skiing at great prices for beginners and advanced tourers. The PURE models are intended for all-rounders who enjoy both climbing and descending on the piste or remote terrain. They have been completely overhauled and given increased performance with a new poplar-karuba mixed core. The result is a very forgiving, easy to control ski that remains stable even at high speeds. The PURE 85 and PURE 90 models have new sidecuts. The PURE 75’s proven, classic sidecut has been retained. Hagan offers special set combinations at an attractive price/value ratio specially for the PURE range.

  • Seeking a classic all-around ski to maximize your ski touring adventures? The Pure 90 may be just what you are looking for. The classic sidecut and sweet-spot width, combined with front rocker and rear rocker create a supremely agile and versatile ski, even (especially?) when snow conditions are challenging. The ABS sidewall delivers optimal power transmission and torsional resistance in the binding area. The perfect balance of soft and hard snow performance is yours with the Pure 90.

    • 154cm: 123/90/106
    • 163cm: 124/90/107
    • 170cm: 125/90/108
    • 178cm: 127/90/109
    Weight 1350 Grams in the 170 cm length
    Lengths 154, 163, 170, 178 cm 
    Rocker 280mm (154/163) 330mm (170/178) front tour rocker, 110mm tail rocker
    Tip Height 68mm
    Core Karuba/Poplar
    Turning Radius (meters)
    • 154cm: 15 meters
    • 163cm: 16 meters
    • 170cm: 18.5 meters
    • 178cm: 20 meters
    Top Surface Low-profile Edge Cap
    Construction Sidewall Sandwich with micro-height ABS sidewalls
    • Fiberglass Top Layer
    • Karuba/Poplar Light Wood Core
    • Tri-axle Fiberglass Wrap
    Base High Molecular Sintered Die-Cut Graphite Base with disc finish
    Target Group Tour All Mountain
    Recommended Length Your height minus 5 cm, +/- 5 cm depending on weight and skiing ability
  • Live beyond the rope lines and ticket scanners. Built light to speed climbs, and stable to charge on the way down, HAGAN's Pure Series skis get you wherever you want to be – and where the lift lines aren’t. Tip and tail rocker with camber underfoot ensure high performance all over the mountain in diverse snow conditions. Tri-axle top and bottom layers improve dampening and provide a stable ride in all terrain. Ready to carve corduroy or gobble up off-piste crud and pow, Hagan Pure Series skis are built for speed, stability and power. 

    HAGAN PURE series skis combine the skills of classic touring skis and on-piste alpine skis. PURE series skis are light, built for short turns and edge-stable on harder snow. 

    HAGAN Die Cut Base iconDIE-CUT-BASE
    Our graphite sintered bases with die cut inlays are extremely durable with stone-ground base structure ideally tuned for optimal descending and gliding.
    HAGAN Multi radius sidecut iconMULTI RADIUS
    Our multi-radius concept lets you adapt to snow conditions and speeds as desired, creating short and long turn radii on a totally individual basis. Increase forward pressure to shorten the turning radius, decrease forward pressure to lengthen the turning radius.
    HAGAN Low profile 3-D construction iconLOW PROFILE 3D-SHAPE
    Our remarkably thin construction in conjunction with a micro-height sidewall greatly reduces weight. 
    Hagan Rocker iconROCKER
    All Hagan ski models are equipped with tip and tail rocker. The rocker length varies amongst models between 250 and 390mm front and 90 to 150mm. Optimized for the ascent, the “tour” rocker height is between 3 and 4mm.
  • I highly recommend pairing your Pure 90 skis with matching custom-tailored 100% mohair Hagan Pure 90 hybrid glue climbing skins. You will be glad you did. These skins are awesome and the perfect matching with the Pure 90 skis is vastly superior to adapting other skins.