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CORE Carbon 89 Lite

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    The Hagan CORE CARBON Series is an all mountain touring ski line designed perform both up and down the mountain. With a new internal and base construction for 23-24, the Core Carbon Skis are lighter, making day tours with more lots of vert easy, while offering greater control and stability in both powder and hard compact snow. Core Carbon 89 Lite was recently awarded the Skialper Light Smart Choice 2024 Award and the Alpin Gewichts-Tipp Award. 



    With the Lite version of the CORE CARBON 89, we aimed to create a ski optimal for lighter skiers. The CORE 89 LITE is suitable for lightweight tourers (up to approx. 70 kg or 155 lbs). Whether you prefer the descent on wide powder slopes, or in more challenging terrain - this ski never lets you down. With a weight of only 1120 g at 162 length, the model is also ideal for longer ski tours. This LITE model is particularly easy to turn and easy to control - making it the perfect choice for beginners and advanced touring skiers.


    This model is ideal for demanding and open terrain even in difficult conditions, but is also great for carving perfect turns on the alpine slope.  It is made by Austrians that love to turn skis!

  • Technical Details
    Available Lengths 154 cm, 162 cm, 170 cm, 178 cm
    Radius 15 m / 16 m / 18 m / 20 m
    Rocker All Mountain tip and tail rocker
    Weight 1090g at 154 cm, 1120g at 162 cm, 1160g at 170 cm, 1200g at 178 cm
    Skin Attachment Quick Tour: End hook is fixed at the end of the ski and the tip tensioner is pulled forward and hooked into notch at the tip of the ski
  • Toplayer: Fiberglass and Foil
    Binding Reinforcement: Fiberglass
    ABS Sidewall: Semi Sidewall
    Core Material: Karuba/Carbon
    Bottom layer: Fiberglass
    Base: Die-Cut Graphite Stone Ground Finish