Core 89


Advanced skiers - step right up

Gorgeous new satin-finish topographical graphics reveal the wood core.

Skialper award for Hagan Core 89 alpine touring ski

Backcountry Magazine review: high marks for versatility. "Lightweight, crud-cutting, powder-cruising, crazy-carving–this ski doesn't compromise, it delivers." "Easy to get on edge and super lightweight."  
  • Rip the entire mountain on the CORE series, built in the spirit of innovation and exploration HAGAN was founded on. The CORE series models – the CORE 89, CORE 84 and CORE LITE 84 – are all-rounders aimed at adventurous ski tourers and downhillers who head to the mountains in any conditions and with a wide variety of goals. The Core Series brings things back to why you started skiing – it’s a whole lot of fun. Carbon layers improve dampening and provide a stable ride in all terrain. The Karuba wood core keeps them light for enjoyable climbing.

    The Core 89 is a fantastic all-mountain ski, with a broad shovel for excellent float in powder, a short turning radius and micro-ABS sidewalls for railing hard pack turns. Its light weight provides excellent climbing ease on long ascents while optimal float brings maximum fun on the downhill – a dream combination designed to take on any mountain. Thanks to the wide shovel and tourer rocker the Core 89 has an enormously broad application range and is made to be driven extremely hard in every terrain. Designed for medium to long radii turns, this ski will accompany you well in every situation. The carbon fiber and paulownia construction ensures exceptional stiffness, while micro-ABS sidewalls provide a damp and forgiving ride and supreme edge hold. We 3D milled the paulownia wood core, leaving the backbone of the ski strong and stable, and the perimeter slim for an overall weight reduction. 

    From the frontside, to backcountry booters, to pow in the bowls – the Core 89 is a favorite for its playfulness and versatility. Light and maneuverable, but stable through the crud with tip & tail rocker, this ski is ready for anything on the mountain.

    The Core 89 is the latest update to the ground-breaking Y-Flow. The Y-shape is retained with dimensions revised to optimize performance. The shovel is slightly narrowed to 127mm and the tail increased to 108mm. The new sidecut increases effective edge length, improving tracking and dampening chatter. Another improvement upon the Y-Flow is the addition of micro-height ABS sidewalls. This brings both an increase in edge hold and overall performance as well as durability. Carbon layers and a paulownia core keep the surface to weight ratio exceptionally low at just 1280 grams in the 176 cm length. All these optimizations give the Core 89 an even wider range of uses. Available in 5 lengths from 156 to 182 cm, the Core 89 aims to be backcountry skiers go to ski. The Core 89 is a fantastic all-around ski, confirmed by all our mountain guide and athlete developers.

    You can't ski it if you don't get to it. Hagan used its expertise manufacturing super-light race skis to create an all-mountain ski with unmatched surface area to weight ratio, allowing skiers to get to higher and deeper lines with energy to spare. 

  •  Sidecut
    • 156 cm: 122-89-105
    • 164 cm: 123-89-106
    • 170 cm: 125-89-108
    • 176 cm: 127-89-109
    • 182 cm: 128-89-109
    Weight 1280 grams for the 176cm length
    Lengths 156, 164, 170, 176 and 182 cm
    Rocker Front=320mm, Rear=120mm
    Tip Height 68 mm
    Core Carbon/Paulownia
    Multiradius (meters)
    • Multiradius 16.5 meters
    • Diamond Micro-Sidewall
    • Elliptical Shovel
    • Carbon Fiber Tip and Tail
    • Micro Height ABS Sidewalls
    • Titanal Binding Area Reinforcement
    • Fiberglass/Foil Top Layer
    • Karuba core
    • Fiberglass lower layer
    • Carbon Tip and Tail
    Base High Molecular weight die-cut sintered graphite base with stone ground structure
    Target Group Tour All Mountain
    Recommended Length Your height, +/- 5 centimeters based on weight and skiing style.


  • HAGAN Carbon Cut Cut Technology Tip StabilizerCARBON CUT CAP TECHNOLOGY
    HAGAN's innovative and proprietary carbon fiber inlay in the ski tip increases stability and greatly reduces vibration, improving control and smoothness on hard chattery surfaces..
    HAGAN Die Cut Base iconDIE-CUT-BASE
    Our graphite sintered bases with die cut inlays are extremely durable with stone-ground base structure ideally tuned for optimal descending and gliding.
    HAGAN Multi radius sidecut iconMULTI RADIUS
    Our multiradius concept lets you adapt to snow conditions and speeds as desired, creating short and long turn radii on a totally individual basis. Increase forward pressure to shorten the turning radius, decrease forward pressure to lengthen the turning radius.
    HAGAN Low profile 3-D construction iconLOW PROFILE 3D-SHAPE
    Our remarkably thin construction in conjunction with a micro-height sidewall greatly reduces weight. 3-Dimensional top surface shaping increases torsional rgidity and maximizes edge grip.
    Hagan Rocker iconROCKER
    All Hagan ski models are equipped with tip and tail rocker. The rocker length varies amongst models between 250 and 390mm front and 90 to 150mm. Optimized for the ascent, the “tour” rocker height is between 3 and 4mm.
    HAGAN Elliptical front ski iconELLIPTICAL FRONT SKI
    We designed an elliptical shape to keep the oversized shovel perfectly manageable in any snow condition and all types of terrain. The elliptical shape surfs untracked powder perfectly, but also carves through breakable crust and difficult conditions with control and precision.
    Hagan diamond edge cap iconDIAMOND EDGE CAP
    The diamond shaped top cap ensures perfect power transmission and reduces swing weight.
  • I highly recommend pairing your Core 89 skis with the fantastic custom-tailored 100% mohair HAGAN hybrid glue Core 89 climbing skins.