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Tour Pole

Light, reliable, comfortable.

The two-piece TOUR pole made of Titanal stands for extreme robustness and reliability. A Powerlock closure provides easy-to-use adjustability. The padded and extended grip zone, which allows quick and easy re-gripping on steep slopes, and the movable plate system make it the perfect touring pole. The wide, padded loop also ensures pleasant wearing comfort on your wrists.


  • Ergonomic handle extension
  • Padded grip zone
  • Power Lock 3.0 from aluminum
  • Vario winter plate
Long Foam Grip
2 pieces: Upper 16 mm Titanal, Lower 14 mm Titanal
Power Lock 3.0 Closure
Vario Articulating Basket
Tungsten Carbide Ice Tip
Adjustable strap
259 grams each
Packed size 85cm, Max length 145cm

 The Pure pole baskets are sent uninstalled for easier shipping. They are simple to install, but it is pretty much a (strong) two-person job unless you have a clamp to secure them in. One person holds the pole in place while the other person twists the basket, hard!!, until it snaps securely in place. If you don't feel a definite snap into place, keep twisting!!