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Boost 12 Toe Pieces

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Want more information to determine the binding thats best for your needs? Checkout this blog posthere to learn all about Hagan bindings.


Toe pieces are sold as singles. Order two if you need a set. 


The revolutionary Boost 12 is headlined by it's unique toe-mounted brakes! 

Why toe brakes? Two big advantages:

1. They are by far the easiest tech bindings. One lever to rule them all. Simply step in and pull the toe lever and the brakes are retracted in one step! No holding down the brake pad with one hand while awkwardly twisting the heal tower with the other. Let's say that again in case you missed it:  Locking the toe piece for uphill mode also retracts the brake. One lever does both in one step. Ingenious. 

2. If your boot isn't in the binding, the brakes are deployed. Period. Let's say that again: The brakes always deploy when the boot isn't in the toe. When climbing? Yes! At the top of the mountain when taking off skins? Yes! No more watching a dropped ski take off down the mountain. 

Toe-brakes look different. Strange even. Get over it. Benefit from always deploying brakes combined with operation that is MUCH easier and quicker than heel brakes.

The Boost 12 is simply a better skiing, more efficient and hassle-free backcountry binding combining several ingenuous performance innovations: an extremely solid boot/ski connection at light weight, no torsional movement, precise release and great descending feel with the two huge advantages provided by the toe brakes.

You already earn your turns. Now forge your own path.

  • Only 198 grams, the Boost 12 toe is the only free ride touring binding in the world with always active automatically deploying brakes.

    Trying to decide between the Boost 12 and Core 12 Evo? This will help!

    The toe is easy to step-in, even with older and worn boots. The brake arms are extra long with wide hooks to stop your skis quickly when they go airborne without you. Integrated crampon hooks allow stress-free ascents up bulletproof snow or in no-fall zones. 

    • REVOLUTIONARY ALWAYS ACTIVE SKI-BRAKE: The brake can only stay retracted when the boot is secure in the toe. If the boot is out of the toe - whether climbing, after a fall descending or simply transitioning - the brakes will extend. The toe mounted brake is also light and very easy to handle. Click the video tab to see just how easy.
    • CRAMPONS SLOT: included
    • SKI-BRAKE: included with 86, 91, 97, 102, 108, and 120 mm sizes to provide the perfect fit with any ski model
    • SKI-BRAKE CAPS: co-molded, with a geometry for braking efficiency and made of Charged Nylon
  • The Boost 12 is made for HAGAN in partnership with ATK and is the same as the ATK Front 12. We will match any legit price and provide better customer service and faster response. ATK is well respected for exceptionally high quality, craftsmanship and functionality and manufactures a wide variety of bindings and other alpine touring gear in Italy. HAGAN partnered with ATK to bring what we feel are their best bindings to the U.S.

    Wide toe and heel mounts effectively transfer power. The patented E.R.S. ® (Elastic Response System) system absorbs energy resulting in consistent release values while allowing the ski to flex naturally under compression for improved downhill performance. The patented CAM heel system adjusts to impact forces, providing far better control and skiing precision than simple “U Forks.” Vertical and Horizontal release are independently adjustable. Available ATK AL09 Free-ride spacers further improve performance.

    All adjustments on the binding can be made with a standard Phillips screwdriver, so you can leave a few extra tools out of your pack.

    Boost 12 and Pure 10 Differences

    • Brakes: toe mounted brakes on the Boost, heel mounted on the Pure.
    • Risers: Two magnetic flaps on the Boost 12 provide 5 climbing positions, a single flap on the Pure 8/10 provides 3.
    • Length Adjustment: 20mm for the Pure, 25mm for the Boost.
    • Release Range: Pure 10 is DIN 5-10, Boost 12 is DIN 5-12.

    Boost 12 Toe Piece Features

    INTEGRATED CRAMPON HOOKS ®: crampon hooks integrated into the toe piece.

    • Weight: 198 grams
    • Easy Step-in


    • Aluminum alloy
    • Injection-molded POM thermo-plastic
    • Stainless steel
  • Enhance your Boost 12 performance with these accessories:

    • 70mm, 86mm, 97mm, 108mm and 120mm Crampons

    • 86mm, 91mm, 97mm, 102mm, 108mm and 120mm Ski Brakes

    • ATK AL09 Freeride Spacer

    • Two types of ATK toe shims are available if you would like to reduce the ramp angle - the ATK AL12 toe shim and ATK R16A Raider Toe Plate

  • Instructional Videos


    Toe brake operation - click the CC button for English subtitles:



    How to adjust the heel length and retention values (Note: the labeling of the heel adjustment steps is in the wrong order.)



    How to use the magneto heel flaps:



    Heel Cam Release System and Easy Step In:



    Toe Easy Step In:



    Risers flipping forward when you don't want them to? Stop it in one second!: