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Ski Brake Cover

Genuine ATK AL11 ski brake cover. 

Replaces the ski brake platform on the Hagan Pure 8, Pure 10, Core 12 Pro and Boost 12 bindings. Use if you would like to remove the brakes on any of those bindings. (Or the ATK R12, FR12, Front 12, Candy 5, Crest 8, Crest 10, Kuluar 12 brake, Raider 10, Raider 12, C-Raider 12, Freeraider 12, Freeraider 14, Freeraider 16)

The bindings can be used without the AL11 ski brake cover just fine, but if you would like to "complete the look," they add just 3 grams and do provide a broader platform if you climb a lot in flat mode.

Super easy to install. (And it is super easy to remove the brakes, first.)

Weight: 3 grams

Material: POM

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