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February 13, 2020 2 min read

Hagan backcountry skis win a ton of awards. Which is especially impressive given we don't submit our skis to many reviews. Here's a sampling:


  • BOOST 99 – Backline Magazine Test Winner (First Place), Backcountry Magazine Editors Choice award.
  • BOOST 94 "very good" result, and 2nd place in Skitour men 2 category + bronze design award. Montagnes Magazine "choix de la redac very clearly in first place"
  • CORE 89 - "very good" result, and first (!) place in Skitour men 1 category, Backline Magazine Award, Skialper Selection 2020 Award, Fri Flyt Award.
  • CORE Lite 84 - “excellent" result and first (!) place in Skitour Ladies.


Backline Magazine Boost 99 Review - Test Winner

Backline Magazine Award 2019

The Boost 99 from Hagan Skis convinces not only in weight, but also in handling characteristics. It is a good choice especially for women because it is stable and easy to turn.

Backcountry Magazine Boost 99 Review  - Editor’s Choice

Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choice

  • "For the weight, the Hagan Boost 99 surprises with its stable, predictable ride."
  • "These skis hold an edge well, have a shovel to keep you up in the pow and are light enough to go all day."
  • "A light, wispy ski that can carve groomers; a fast turning ski that can navigate tight situations."

Montagnes Magazine Boost 94 Review

Montagnes Magazine Ski of the Year

  • The Big Surprise of this Season.
  • Excellent stability even at high speeds.
  • A model that is not unlike the behavior of the Salomon Explore 95 but with greater rigidity.
  • This ski becomes our favorite of this 2020 range.
  • Slips very clearly in the first place of these tests.

World Ski Test Core 89

World Ski Test 1st Place

TEST WINNER in the category touring ski "Men 1”! 
"The Hagan was able to fully convince in all categories at its first participation to the touring World Ski Test. The "Core 89" was the non plus Ultra for all. If you look at the reviews, not much needs to be said. This ski can do it all. Congratulations and our recommendation: BUY!"

World Ski Test Core Lite 84

World Ski Test Ausgezeichnet

TEST WINNER at the ladies touring skis! Congratulations – to win right at the premiere! With the rating "excellent", the "Hagan Core Lite 84" stands out from the competition. If you look for weaknesses, with this ski, you will not find it. Extremely good ratings from all testers. Both in skiing and handling of the Hagan skins they speak for themselves. Our tip: Absolute buy recommendation!"

World Ski Test Boost 94

World Ski Test Sehr Gut

"Also in the category in which the wide models were tested, the Hagan fully convinces. In addition to it's good skiing results, the very good and easy handling of the skins. The interesting and trendy look of the ski are outstanding. Also the very fair price is another factor that speaks for the purchase.”

 Ultra 76

Ultra 76 Ski Alper Ultra 76 Test Winner


Ultra 82

DSV Aktive Sport Tipp Ultra 82Outdoor Magazine Ultra 82 Kauf TipsPlanet Snow Tipp Ultra 82

Hagan Boost 99 Awards GraphicHagan Boost 94 Awards GraphicHagan Core 89 Awards GraphicHagan Core Lite 84 Awards Graphic

We dont submit every ski. It's pointless to submit a sub-90mm ski to most U.S. magazines/reviews, because they simply don't appreciate, and thus can't understand, the advantages of light and narrow skis. And we dont submit to every test/magazine/review. We are very happy with the response to the models we did submit.
Michael Hagen
Michael Hagen

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