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Z02 Jr

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Ski tour with your kids! DIN setting as low as 2 for younger and smaller ski tourers.

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  • The proven Hagan Z02 binding is available in two Junior variants --  XS fitting boot sole lengths of 225-280mm and Small fitting boot sole lengths of 255-310mm. Read the boot compatibility notes above. Safety is the first priority for youth ski touring. 

    The lowered DIN release range of 2-7 provides a proper match for the weight, height and skiing skills of youth ski tourers. 

    The Z02 Junior is equipped stock with a ski leash – I.e, without brakes. This saves weight and cost if you don't want brakes. If you desire ski brakes, they are available in 87mm and 97mm. The brakes are very easy to install.

    Using the Z02 Junior is child's play. The Z02 Junior adopts the light step in, uncomplicated adjustability and easy operation of the adult Z02, providing juniors a binding that is simple and enjoyable to use. ⛷ The Z02 All Mountain frame binding provides ease of use, skiing performance and 100% security. Hagan carbon-fiber reinforced frame bindings are the first choice for tourers desiring easy adjustability and operation and robust materials and design.

    Hagan Z02 advantages over other frame bindings:

    • Superior walking properties
    • Four climbing heights
    • Ease of operation
    • Easier and greater range of adjustability
    • Double Force retention and release technology
    • Compatible with alpine touring and downhill ski boots
    • Lighter
  • Important Note: The Z02 Junior bindings are only compatible with Junior boots — not kids' boots. The key difference being that the toe and heel lugs on the boots must be the same width and height as on adult boots, not the narrower and thinner toe and heel lugs found on kids' boots. In the smaller sizes it can be difficult to find boots with adult size toe and heel lugs. I recommend determining availability of compatible boots before ordering the Z02 Junior bindings. Mondo size 22 is the smallest known compatible boot currently available.

    Although the Z02 Junior XS accommodates boot sole lengths ranging from 225 to 280mm (225mm corresponds to Mondo size 17.5 or 18 from most manufacturers) Mondo size 22 is the smallest known Junior boot that is currently compatible and available. Boots under size 22 typically have "kids' size" toe and heel lugs that are incompatible with the Z02 Junior binding. 

  • Z02 Junior touring bindings features Double Force rollers and anti-friction devices in the toe pieces for consistent release, easy stepping pivot points and four climbing mode heights — 0°, 5°, 10° and 15°.

    The Z02 Junior comes with a ski leash. Ski brakes are also available in 87mm, 97mm, 107mm and 115mm widths.

    Hagan ski crampons are available in 85mm, 100mm and 115mm widths.

    The ski brakes and crampons are extremely easy to install and remove and are compatible with the Z01, Z02 and Z02 Junior bindings.

    • ISO/DIN Release Setting Range: 2 - 7
    • Weight: 1,640 g / pair
    • TÜV approved

    Z02 bindings (adult, not youth) have a 3-10 DIN and fit BSLs of 255-310mm. Consider Z02 bindings for slightly larger juniors.