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  • The Hagan Z02 ski touring binding provides ease of use, skiing performance and 100% security with a carbon-fiber frame.  Designed for the recreational ski touring market, the Z02 Tour binding has all the advantages of our Z01 All Mountain binding with lower DIN release settings of 3-10, a slightly lower weight and a lower price. 

    The Z02 Junior comes with a ski leash. I.e., without brakes. This saves weight and cost if you don't want brakes. If you desire ski brakes, they are available separately in 87mm and 97mm widths. They are very easy to install.

    The Z02 binding is the first choice of tourers desiring easy adjustability and operation and robust materials and design. Frame binding fans appreciate the Z02's effortless switching between climbing heights and lock mode — no body distortions or broken pole tips are the advantages of touring with the Hagan Z02 binding. The carbon-fiber frame creates superior durability and lighter weight than other frame systems. A superior pivot point position enables more natural and comfortable climbing.

    Hagan Z02 advantages over other frame bindings:

    • Superior walking properties
    • Four climbing heights
    • Plastic-clad carbon fiber frame
    • Ease of operation
    • Easier and greater range of adjustability
    • Double Force retention and release technology
    • Compatible with alpine touring and downhill ski boots
  • Size Range fitting Boot Sole Lengths (BSLs) of:
    Small 255 - 310 mm
    Medium 285 - 340 mm
    Large 315 - 370 mm
  • The Z02 All Mountain touring binding features Double Force rollers and anti-friction devices in the toe pieces for consistent release, easy stepping pivot points and four climbing mode heights.  

    The Z02 has a DIN range of 3 - 10 and comes with a ski leash. Ski brakes are also available in 87mm, 97 mm, 107 mm and 115 mm widths and are compatible with the Z01, Z02 and Z02 Junior.

    Hagan ski crampons are available in 85 mm, 100 mm and 115 mm widths. The ski crampons are extremely easy to install and remove and are compatible with Z01, Z02 and Z02 Junior bindings.

      • ISO/DIN Release Setting Range: 3 - 10
      • Weight: 1,680 g / pair
      • Sizes: S / M / L
      • TÜV approved