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Specialty Race Skins for the Hagan Ultra 65 Race Ski

100% mohair climbing skins specifically designed for racing with thin, grippy, water-resistant plush; a special mohair treatment to improve glide; a thin and lightweight backing and bungee tip attachments. The new race skins are a natural, un-dyed creamy white color, not the lime green last year as in some of the photos below. I've heard it claimed un-dyed climbing skins are faster than colored skins. How that can be, I'm not sure. But hey, if its faster, lets go with it. 

The fastest ski touring race skis need the fastest skins. HAGAN Ultra 65 Race Skins are the lightest, fastest, most reliable racing skins available. These 100% mohair climbing skins have a new plush design that glides faster and new bungee tip attachments. They retain our proven all-conditions glue that maintains exceptional grippiness after repeated use. The 100% mohair plush is treated to resist moisture, prevent wet snow glob and increase glide. Testing shows our Race skins to be amongst the fastest gliding skins on the market. More importantly, the Race skins have excellent climbing grip, superior to other mohair race skins.

The Race racing skins are 62mm wide for their entire length, the perfect width to match the Race ski. They provide full width coverage in the crucial for traction under foot zone. The straight cut reduces weight and friction and improves glide. The Race lime green skins are the only Hagan climbing skins straight-cut for their entire length. All other Hagan climbing skins are tailor cut to match the ski geometry.

Race skins are typically used without tail clips. In some situations, the extra security (to prevent "skin failure") of tail clips is in my opinion worth the slight increase in weight and drag. Race skins will be provided without tail clips if not specifically requested. If you would like the version with tail clips (these have a rubber instead of bungee tip attachment, are 163cm in length and are limited in availability), make a note in your order. 

After significant use, you can renew the water-resistance, anti-icing and glide characteristics of our Race skins with our specially formulated Hagan Dry Climb Skin Treatment. For quick field use, our Hagan Skin Wax will keep your skins from icing or collecting wet snow.


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    2016-2017 Hagan Ski Overview and Data Sheet
    2016-2017 Hagan Ski Overview and Data Sheet