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Ultra World Cup Demo Adjustment Plates

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Get an easily adjustable 60mm range for Hagan Ultra World Cup bindings!

The ATK R04 Adjustment plate is designed specifically for the HAGAN Ultra World Cup and ZR bindings. It provides a full 60mm (about 6 Mondo sizes) of adjustment and weighs about 70 grams. The R04 is ideal for demo/rental fleet use. It is also a good option if you will be making frequent binding length adjustments.

The R04 is also useful if you are remounting bindings and the old binding holes are in the way of the new ones. For those of you who think ahead, mount up your bindings with these plates and it will make it much easier to resell your skis.

The R04 lifts your heel binding by 8mm, and your boot by 8mm when you tour in flat mode. It is compatible with the Hagan Ultra and ZR bindings (and the ATK SLR) but definitely not all tech-style bindings. Check for compatibility before using with other bindings. 

(Set of two)