Off Trace

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Sold Out - of all lengths except 160cm.

HAGAN Special Series Skis

HAGAN Special Series skis serve the unique needs of our diverse fans. Off Limits skis suit a bunch of roles: high alpine climbing approach skis, snowshoe replacements, kite skiing, winter para-gliding, park and pipe and the special secret - tightly wooded powder stashes. Off Trace skis are wonderful for low-angle backcountry skiing. Get away from the crowds – go Off Limits, go Off Trace! 

If you love long low-angle ski tours in the wide plains and rolling forests, then you will love the Off Trace.

Based off the X-Trace, the new Off Trace dispenses with fish scales and uses a (replaceable) “micro-hair” kick zone for maintenance-free and improved traction, especially on very hard snow. Inclines can be almost playful with the micro hair providing excellent climbing traction.

The wood core construction, steel edges and integrated climbing "skin" of the 60 mm wide Off Trace make the ski dynamic and responsive while exceptionally durable and reliable for extended low angle backcountry ventures into untracked terrain. The Off Trace ski is ideal for low angle drainages, open fields, easy hut trip approaches, checking trap lines and any other time you want the ability to depart from the groomed cross country trails. 

The Off Trace skis are available with or without our easily adjustable, highly durable bindings that work great with hiking or mountaineering boots. Used on polar expeditions, the X-Trace Pivot binding is truly universal. The X-Trace binding is compatible with virtually all footwear, including boots for extreme cold. The Off Trace/X-Trace combination is a true tool for work and play in the great outdoors.

Sidecut 68-60-65 mm
Weight 1000 grams
Lengths 160, 170, 180, 190, 200 cm
Core Poplar
  • Corex top sheet
  • GFK top laminate
  • Poplar core
  • GFK bottom laminate
  • Rubber-cushioned steel edges
Base PE Base with replaceable micro-hair kick zone traction system
User Groups Light Backcountry Skiing, Nordic Touring, Expeditions, Hunting and Trapping


Sizing: We recommend 10cm longer than your height as a starting point, and then adjusting from there based on weight and where you will be skiing. If you are quite light, you can go shorter. If heavier, or carrying heavy backpacks, possibly go longer. If you will mostly ski on firm snow (groomed or well packed trails), you can go shorter. If you will be in deep soft snow, consider going longer.

Recommended Complementary Product: X-Trace binding

Prefer fish scales and want to save? Check out the X-Trace nordic backcountry ski.

How to decide on the Off Trace versus X-Trace? 

Each has its advantages. Inlaid skins are quieter and have better grip on really hard/icy snow. Fish scales tend to glide faster, and because they glide faster, it is a bit easier to learn proper kick and glide technique. They also don’t wear out, which the skins eventually (but it takes a long time, and they are replaceable) do.

Most people seem to prefer the skins nowadays, and for most people that is what I recommend.