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Race Suit


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Essential for Racing! 

Race suits are key to staying warm & comfortable in skimo races. And this is one nice suit. Show off your Ski Mountaineering and Hagan passion!

Updated with a splash of turquoise color and logos for the fantastic New England Rando Race Series (NERRS) and sponsors.

This suit has everything you need for skimo racing:

  • Two-piece! Separate top and bottom
  • Abrasion resistant inner boot cuffs
  • Two large interior skin pockets
  • One exterior pocket (for food and water)
  • A small interior zippered pocket for ID
  • A zippered pocket (under the flap of the exterior pocket) for an avy transponder
  • Reinforced areas to cut out Dynafit-style ski boot levers
  • Built in opening for back of the heel style (Alien) lock levers. No cutting necessary!
  • Boot stirrups
  • Nature break flap

My wife and I have already used them in races. Whether it is the two-pieces, or the material, or both, we both find them more comfortable than the previous version. These suits were made for us by Crazy Idea in Italy. The design received the approval of the women in the Hagen household. 

Not just for racing, either. Race suits make fantastic base layers for training, or even go with just the suit for hard sessions or warm weather. 

It shouldn't go unmentioned that, depending on how fashion-forward you are, this Hagan race suit is the chic item to wear post-race or training to the coffee shop. All the cool kids are doing it!  /s


Note: Discounts aren't allowed on the race suits – they are already priced below cost as a marketing expense! ☺