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Kreuzspitze K40 Adjustment Plates

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For use with Kreuzspitze SCTT and SCTTT race bindings and GT touring bindings. 

Do you have two sets of touring boots? A race boot and a touring boot? A warm weather boot and a cold weather boot? Do friends or family sometimes ask to borrow your skis? And does this cause problems fitting your bindings when the boot sole lengths are different? If so, you need the K40 Adjustment Plate, made specifically for Kreuzspitze bindings. 

These 26 gram plates (the screws weigh almost as much) provide 40mm of fore/aft adjustment. They are ideal for infrequent binding length adjustments. They are also useful if you are remounting bindings and the old binding holes are in the way of the new ones. For those of you who think ahead, mount up your bindings with these plates and it will make it much easier to resell your skis.

The K40 lifts your heel binding by 6mm, and your boot by 6mm when you tour in flat mode. 


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