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Y-King 2016

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The Hagan Y[wai]-King is for very athletic skiers focused on high alpine touring.

  • The Y-King builds on the incredible performance of Hagan’s Y concept — and widens it. 

    The Y-King with its 390mm front/150mm rear tour rocker comes in 172, 181 and 190cm lengths. With a sidecut of 140 - 107 - 122 and a weight of 1,500 grams in the 181cm length, the Y-King is Hagan’s widest ski mountaineering ski ever with one of our highest surface area to weight ratios. 

    The Y-King derives its name from pairing a wide, deep parabolic shovel with a relatively narrow waist and tail. The exceptionally low width to surface area saves energy on climbs while providing exceptional float. 

    Long live the King!

     I highly recommend pairing your Y-King skis with Hagan custom-tailored 100% mohair Silver Tiger glue or vacuum climbing skins!

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  • Technical Data

      • Side-cut: 140-107-122
      • Weight: 1580gr/181cm
      • Sizes: 172/181/190
      • Rocker:
      • - Tip 390 mm
      • - Tail 150 mm
      • Core: Paulownia wood
      • Multiradius: 20m – 21m – 23m 
      • Features: 
      • - Diamond-Sidewall
      • - Elliptical Frontski
      • - Carbon Tip Stabilizer
      • - Y-Shaped tip notch guides for the "Quick Bullet" skin attachment system
      • Construction in:
      • - Carbon top-layer
      • - Paulownia light-core
      • - ABS-Sidewall
      • - Carbon lower-layer
      • Base: Die-Cut-Graphite-Base with stone grind


    Hagan’s innovative and proprietary carbon fiber ski tip increases stability and greatly reduces vibration. While performance is improved in all conditions, you will especially notice the improved control and smoother ride on hard chattery surfaces.
    Graphite race bases create the speed. The Y[wai]-series graphite sintered bases with die-cut inlays are extremely durable and ideally tuned for optimal riding and gliding.
    The pressure and load direction determine the turning radius. Our multi-radius concept allows creation of variable short and long radii on a totally individual basis.
    All Hagan ski models are equipped with tip and tail rocker. The rocker length varies amongst models between 250 and 390mm front and 90 to 120mm. Optimized for the ascent, the “tour” rocker height is between 3 and 4mm.
    We designed an elliptical shape to keep the oversized shovel perfectly manageable in any snow condition and all types of terrain. The elliptical shape surfs untracked powder perfectly, but also carves through breakable crust and difficult conditions with control and precision.
    The diamond shaped top cap ensures perfect power transmission and reduces swing weight.