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Y-Drive 2016

Size Guide

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The Y-Drive's Y Concept geometry encourages thrilling descents with exceptional control and agility.
  • The Y[wai]-drive is ideal for lightweight disciples. The Y Concept geometry encourages thrilling descents with exceptional control and agility. The Diamond Edge Cap creates perfectly manageable stability in all types of snow.

    Super light, the Y[wai]-Drive is ideal for those with a weight fetish. The Y-Drive is the master of its domain. 

    Thanks to the stable Diamond Edge Cap structure of the ski in all types of snow it is perfectly well behaved when you want it to be, but when you feel the urge to unleash your inner animal spirit, it will answer the call. 

    Do you have an excessive desire to move fast and light and an unending need for elicit thrills? Satisfy your desires with the Y Drive.

    I highly recommend pairing your Y-Drive skis with Hagan custom-tailored 100% mohair Silver Tiger glue or vacuum climbing skins!

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  • Sidecut 125-83-98 mm
    Weight 1080 grams in the 170cm length
    Lengths 154, 162, 170 and 178cm
    Rocker 330mm tip rocker and 110mm tail rocker
    Core Ultra light Paulownia
    Turning Radius 15-16-18 meter multi-radius
    • Diamond Sidewall
    • Elliptical Shovel
    • Carbon Tip Stabilizer
    • Micro Height ABS Sidewalls
    • Carbon Fiber top layer
    • Paulownia core
    • Micro height ABS sidewalls
    • Carbon Fiber lower layer
    Base High Molecular weight die-cut sintered graphite base with stone ground structure 
    Hagan’s innovative and proprietary carbon fiber ski tip increases stability and greatly reduces vibration. While performance is improved in all conditions, you will especially notice the improved control and smoother ride on hard chattery surfaces.
    Graphite race bases create the speed. The Y[wai]-series graphite sintered bases with die-cut inlays are extremely durable and ideally tuned for optimal riding and gliding.
    The pressure and load direction determine the turning radius. Our multi-radius concept allows creation of variable short and long radii on a totally individual basis.
    All Hagan ski models are equipped with tip and tail rocker. The rocker length varies amongst models between 250 and 390mm front and 90 to 120mm. Optimized for the ascent, the “tour” rocker height is between 3 and 4mm.
    We designed an elliptical shape to keep the oversized shovel perfectly manageable in any snow condition and all types of terrain. The elliptical shape surfs untracked powder perfectly, but also carves through breakable crust and difficult conditions with control and precision.
    The diamond shaped top cap ensures perfect power transmission and reduces swing weight.